Switching over to a conveyor oven?

Hello, i am a pizza operator from Belgium, we make a napolitan style pizza (with 00 flour) directly baked on the surface of a deck oven.

Now i am thinking of switching over to a conveyor oven because it’s getting too busy and we can’t garantee a consistant baked pizza. But i am not familiar to that type of oven, i just read about it.

Can you make a crispy pizza, is it easy to use, we make 200 13inch pizza’s in 4hours so what type is recommended?


Any of the new, more highly efficient air impingement ovens Lincoln FastBake, XLT, PESI, or WOW, when combined with the Hearth Bake Disks, and set up correctly will bake a pizza as well as any deck oven will but with the added benefit of ease of operation and increased production capacity. I’ve been demonstrating this at the last few PMQ Pizza Shows with great success. So, to answer your question, yes, they will do a great job. Just make sure you combine it with the Hearth Bake Disks from Pizzatools.com and make sure the oven is set-up correctly for YOUR pizzas.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Pizzamafiosi

Tom said it all as to quality of the bake.

Any of the top ovens XLT, Lincoln or Middleby with a 32" wide belt and a 40" long bake chamber can produce fifty or more of your size pizzas per hour, at a 6 minute bake, from a single deck.

George Mills