Switching POS Software

Have any of you switched pos software? I want to keep all the hardware, maybe add a phone station and a drive station. Is this something that can be done. I have a DiamondTouch system and have had problem after problem. I spent $11,000 only seven months ago, and don’t want to do it again, so I thought I could keep the hardware and just change software. If you did switch how much of a headache was it?

As long as your computers are recent technology and running Windows, you should be able to switch to almost any other POS software. You don’t even need to remove your current software before changing or testing prior to a change.

You need to know about your computer’s technical specs like the processor type, speed, memory and operating system (i.e. Windows, DOS or Linux). Then you need the make and model of the touch screens, printers, and all the other parts.

Armed with this information you can ask any POS software company if their product will work on your hardware.

the problems may be hardware based so switching may not help can you be more spacific