Sysco Cheese

Does anyone use a diced cheese from Sysco? are you happy with it and what are you paying a pound?

Each SYSCO house may have a different supplier of their Arrezio brand…

I luved it when they had Sorrento as their supplier many yrs ago in cental Fla

When you buy it pre-diced, how big are the chunks? What are the benefits of using diced over shredded?

We’ve always just bought block and shredded it on the Hobart, but I’m always open to new ideas.

We do not buy it but to answer Decidion’s question, the little cubes are about 3/16ths on a side. Advantage is that it is MUCH easier to handle than shredded and easier to get good coverage which improves portion control. Last time I looked, it went about 10-12 cents per pound higher than block.

yes diced cheese is a lot easier to portion control. My Sysco rep came in and his cheese is about .75 a pound higher than the others. His price on Arrezio is about the same as Grande . o_O

How big are the cubes of diced cheese? I would imagine pretty small? 1/4"? 1/2"?

they are around 1/4 inch, some how they came down .75 this week to match the other locals…I am a little leery of Sysco pricing right now. I am sure they would try to find it somewhere else. The more I think about it the more I am apt to buy a box truck and but everything at restaurant depot