Sysco cheese

Does Sysco carry some name brand cheese that is good ?
I was not pleased with there labeled cheese.
I understand they do not carry Grande either.

Ya, they have quite a variety of different blends and Mozzarella’s. I use a product from them (Sysco-Portland Oregon) that is manufactured by Saputo called Saputo Gold. It’s not better than Grande, but it is equal to it.

I Cut Saputo Gold against Grande about 6 months ago. Saputo Gold has a higher sodium content, and doesn’t have the High buttery flavor that Grande has, and it didn’t have the melt characteristics that Grande has, it carmelized real quickly.

Unfortunately, there are not any real good replacement on the marketplace for Grande Cheese, thus is the reason there price is so high. I am currently using F & A 3% Whole Milk Mozzerella, like Saputo Gold it doesn’t have the melt characteristics, and the sodium level is noticeably higher than the Butter Flavor.

i use sysco’s “arrezzio” brand. it’s made by sorento, out of new york.

i like it. 2.24 this week

I use the Sysco Nino Supremo cheese made by Burnett Dairy out of Wisconsin. I love it. I get mine from Cleveland Sysco.

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i use sysco’s “arrezzio” brand. it’s made by sorento, out of new york.

use the same…diced…customers love it

not all Sysco houses use the same mfg for the house brand - in Fla they dropped Sorento & have a very worthless cheese in its place

ditto on that here in AZ…Sysco only have one diced cheese here and it is their generic…my experience with generic products in general has not been good, and then no one takes responsibility when the product is bad…main reason I like to stick with name brands,