Sysco produce, please read and pass on

So I was checking in an order yesterday and one of the cases of red peppers felt light to me so I weighed it. It was 5 lbs short! I then told the driver that I would be weighing every item sold to me by weight. Every single produce item by weight was short, with nothing being in my favor. It was a rainy day so no excuses there. Even the pepperoni was 6 oz off. I know I don’t matter much to them, but I want all you to know. I took pictures of everything on the scale.

I heard the fresh veggie industry was notorius for that. I dont get mine from my main vendor. They always seem old.

I too weigh everything, just last week every bag in my box of polly-o shredded mozz was 5oz short! 30oz less.
I buy sliced red pastrami($6.60lb) comes in 5lb bags. 2 per case. I use 10oz potions i should get 16 portions im always short 8oz on the last one.

How much should a case of peppers, 6x6 tomatoes, iceburg weigh? Im curios I dont know.

GREAT just GREAT, I told my rep today that she needs to be on this because I have choices and the first time this happens it will be the last!


We are getting a Sysco order today. We will weigh everything and report.

Be sure to check the accuracy of your scale too. A few year’s ago I was using a digital scale while working on a recipe and noticed that packages of noodles that were purported to be 16OZ were actually 13 OZ.
I was ready to call my supplier and rip into him but first checked the scale and sure enough, the scale was off.

Good point, I just checked and it’s dead on.

We weighed it all. Everything was fine.