no.i use us foods, been good to me.exclusive vendor.get discounts and rebates.had sysco on side for a while,not cost for same little higher.when they were out of product they would send something else at higher cost lesser quality.

Similar experiences here. the rep I had for 1st three months was milking me dry. Poor repsonsiveness and lousy consistency with ordering and delivery. When USFoods rep put her card on my door, it weas like coming out of the shadow into full sunlight. Food costs went down 22% the next month. Sure they are up a little more again, but still better than Sysco and Roma/Vistar.

I am happy with the relationship I have now, and really hope that my USFoods rep does not retire any time soon. It would really hurt my business. She has become a friend as well. Her daughter and grandson are my customers and living just across town from me.

Sysco sucks in my humble opinion. U.S. Food service is much better. Mclane is the best purveyor that I’ve had dealings with by far.

i fired sysco after the rep started telling me what i needed to order

gordon’s food service got my business…

same as what Billy said for me as well

I dealt with them when I worked in the Poconos of PA. I had a really good rep. Took good care of me and bent over backwards multiple times.
He was a chef before joining Sysco so he knew how things were.

Unfortunately, I heard nothing but bad things from everyone else that’s used them. That seems to hold true even here.

I have to echo what I have read here. I had a real good rep when I first opened but he moved and the service went down the toliet. the replacement told me to either order more product or order less often so his numbers wolud be up. Nobody but Daddio make those kind of choices for me.

The Sysco rep came and saw me, gave me prices, told me how good everything was then never returned.

Sysco didn’t come around til we were open a couple months. Had a smug attitude, we passed. When Roma started coming aroung, the rep bent over backward to get our business, haven’t had a problem yet.
In my opinion though, a lot depends on your location. In the '80s, (Wa. State) Sysco was our supplier, good rep, and we were happy. Obviously if the prices get outa hand, then you have to reevaluate.

Tom R

Will never do any business with Sysco. In my experience the reps are the worst I have ever encountered of any broad line distributor. They are either just plain stupid or very pleased with themselves. The prices are pumped because they are on straight commission & if they do get in your door they raise them steadily. If you do business with them take this approach. Say no to every price they quote. Every price! You may get a good deal that way for a few weeks but then check your invoices because they creep them back up. Try GFS or US Foods or a smaller local company first. Sysco plain sucks & is for suckers who don’t check prices.

I’ve dealt with Sysco, US food service, GFS, and Mclane. Sysco is by far the worst, they’ll screw you anyway they can. GFS isn’t much better, they won’t call and tell you if they’ve ran out of something that you ordered. US food service is great, but Mclane is the best in my opinion.

We have used GFS and Restautant Depot for over 4 years. I need to replace GFS. Food costs are too high and they don’t tell me before they raise them. Any suggestions? I am in Illinois.

mclane, they have a distrubtion center in Memphis.

I have been with Sysco for over 15 yr. They have been my prime vendor. During this time I have had 3 different reps. Each of them did a great jog for me. In fact, I would say that they have gone out of their way to make me happy. We have a very open relationship. We tell them when something is not right and they do all they can to solve the problem. I would say we have complete trust in one another. Mistakes do happen (although very rarely), such as mispicks, wrong price, etc. but a simple phone call solves the problem. We have always had competitive prices but our rep knows that we didn’t pick Sysco for their prices and we won’t leave Sysco for their prices. Bottom line is I am extremely happy!

Re: sysco, what about Roma ?

I use Roma here in AZ, used Sysco last year, Roma carries more of what I want, ie, Grande cheese, 20" boxes, etc,


Hi Guest,
Did you smoke all your crack before posting that. Sysco has the worst prices in the industry, are miserable when you have to make a return because they mis-picked & most all…have their salespeople on straight commission. How long have you worked for sysco?

I don’t work for Sysco and my prices have been very competitive. My sales rep is great. I shop around so I know how my prices compare. My sales rep takes care of me and I’ll be with Sysco until they don’t take care of me.

I guess the rest of us are where you will be when sysco doesn’t look after you.

I am in Wisconsin and about 1 mistake away from dropping Roma, Anyone suggest someone else. I don’t like Sysco(Bad Service,High Prices) I am thinking about using US Foods because of all the good posts. Roma specializes in pizza, How would US Foods compair to them?