T.Lehmann - scaling up dough production

Tom - et al.

Just purchased a PietroRoberto Easy120 and need to scale up dough production from 30kg batches to 100kg batches. Presently at commissary we mix/divide/round/dough tray & retard prior to shipping to stores. Finished dough target temperature is 22-23 Celcius and retardation is between 36-72 hours based on sales.

Checked a number of baking sites for tips/ideas/recommendations on the scaling up process (other than the straight-forward multiplication of baker’s percentages) and came across the following at http://allrecipes.com/Help/RecipeInfo/Scaling.aspx:

"Some Exceptions to How Scaling Works
For food chemistry reasons, scaling does not work well for some recipes. Recipes that do not scale well are delicate foods such as soufflés, baked items requiring yeast such as breads, and recipes that prepare a single large item that is meant to be later divided into smaller portions such as cakes, pies, breads and whole turkey. "

Tried to find more info on the “requiring yeast such as breads” phrase but came up empty. Please let me know if there is any ingredient we should be “scaling back” as we scale up (such as salt/yeast/oil) or if there are any additional precautions/steps we should institute.

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