T-Shirt Sales

I am think about offering my t-shirts for sale to the public. I have sold quite a few from people just asking if they can buy one, so I think I should be able to sell a few. I read somewhere, maybe on the tt, about a deal where a customer buys a t-shirt and if they pick-up their order while wearing the t-shirt they will xx% off.

Have any of you done this and if so, how did it go?

We give our shirts away, lots of them. You can order white shirts cheap (our employees can’t wear white but customers love them) it is free advertising. If you are going to charge them I wouldn’t try and make a profit cuz again it is advertising. We live in a small town and gave a way a bunch of shirts during the memorial day parade…it’s funny being at walmart and seeing people walking around in our shirts.

Whats not funny is being in wal mart and seeing someone get arrested for shoplifting while wearing your shirt. That’s why I haven’t given away my T-shirts.

T-Shirts are a great “self liquidating” promotion…Come up with a real nice design and sell it at or near cost and you have walking billboards that are seen all over town…You should be able to recover all your costs and make a small margin for handling and get free advertsing for yours to come…RCS…

lol after reading this I got a quickly envisioned some guy getting arrested on the news with his shirt pulled over his head trying to hide his face and WHAM ! there’s my logo and phone number.

Husband in recliner to wife sitting on couch reading a book:

“What a sicko… killed four people with a butcher knife and threw the family dog off a bridg…(sees logo and phone number)… hey… I could go for some pizza right about now. Honey grab me the phone.”

I am in a town of about 6,000 people, what are the chances that anyone from my town is going to be on the news and they having on my shirt on.

What about the teenager with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth swearing as he buzzs the customers walking out of the grocery store on his skateboard. Or possibly the kid who spends a few thousand dollars on his car stereo and has the blacktop shaking with the bass when he parks at the grocery store. Do you want either one of these to be wearing your logo on their shirt?

Hate to sound mercenary, but if it gets his friends tocall and buy pizza . . . yes. Kids on skateboards and radio blasters eat pizza, too.

They eat more pizza than most kids do. There is a skateboard shop at the other end of the strip I am in. Those kids have got money and they don’t mind spending it on pizza, lots of pizza.

Whats not funny is being in wal mart and seeing someone get arrested for shoplifting while wearing your shirt. That’s why I haven’t given away my T-shirts.

Hey Nick,
This guy has a point make sure the shirt I sent you is put under lock and key. I would hate to see it hit the national news…IN MY SHIRT! :shock:

If our town makes the LOCAL news, we’d be riding high. Since “Murder in Coweta County”, Grantville has been chronically under the radar . . . even the NAACP threatening a demonstration in town didn’t make the Atlanta news cycle.

Funny how Andy Griffith characters were in both Grantville AND Mayberry in his acting career.

I can’t believe someone can be this clueless.This is ADVERTISING wether its on some teenagers having fun to the old lady going to church.Its all about getting the name of your place in peoples heads.It sounds to me guest that you just like being negative to whatever the topic is.When I see something you have written I know it will be something nasty or negative,I truly wonder if you are even a pizziolla.


And you are always such a breath of fresh air! Your idea that you have the only correct philosophy and anything that differs is so obviously wrong makes you the clueless one. Open up your mind to others ideas and you may be surprised what is still left to learn. I guess you would feel that being on the evening news for health department violations would keep the name of your store in peoples heads and be a good form of advertising as well. Talk about being negative, in the years I have posted on this site, I have never refered to other contributors as cluless or idiotic.

check out bargainteesdotcom
they did my last order and if I remeber I got 12dz for less than $2.50 ea for 1 color full size screen
We charge $5.00 a shirt that the profir usually covers the cost of my employees shirts, etc

Don’t waste time worrying about who wears the shirt…kinda like the guys who don’t use cartoppers…brand awareness will prevail over any occasional incidents that might occur…at least that is my opinion

We tried T shirts a few years ago. Keeping them in stock for sale certainly led to my employees having plenty to wear at work. LOL. In the end I dropped the idea. We eventualy sold all 288 shirts (except the ones the employees were wearing) At $10 each it added up to about $2500 bucks… one pretty good day’s business. I decided that managing the complexity of it and carrying the inventory (and keeping it presentable) was not worth the effort.

If I had more storage space to deal with it I might try it again but it was not a big money maker. Advertising value? Some, I guess. maybe I am just too lazy.

bodegahwy…You managed to recover all your cost and get some free advertising and you still think it is not worthwhile?..Hmm…RCS…

Yes I did all that… but my money was tied up for the better part of two years and I never have seen one on anyone around here. I think they mostly went to tourists from out of town. In any case, my cost on them was around $6 or $7 dollars. If I spent that money, time and complexity on other promotional activity, I think I would have gotten more out of it.

It is not that it was a bad idea or a waste, I was just never convinced it was worth the trouble. Same story with the Alladin coffee cups I gave away. (about 2000 of them at a cost of $3000)

Sure but no other advertising gives you cash back…At the end of the day the tees cost you no money…Try doing that with the local newspaper and/or radio station…Another fringe benefit is your staff looked sharp so your shop portrayed a great image…

The coffee cups were a little different because you did not recover your costs…So if you did not generate some sales they cost you money…Perhaps a promotion where you sell a “Frisbee” for $0.75 or $1.00…Put a permanent coupon right on the disk and each time they bring it to the store they can redeem it…Or if you want to attract more attention distribute the frisbees free at a local beach to the kids there…

Good luck…RCS…


My time, storage space, staff training, record keeping, counter display space… are all worth something. Producing $2500 in sales over a two year period is not worth much. I decided that the small amount of promotional value for me was less valueable than the extra work and other considerations.

I understand that it could be different for someone in another market with other considerations (Canada?) I was just chiming in that I did not find it so.

Have a good’un.

We made a business decision to keep them in stock for a while. We even advertised in store some specials to get them to sell. We ended up giving most of them to staff, charitable groups for door prizes, prizes for in-house contests, and thank-you gifts. We probably paid our initial costs when it was all said and done (easily if considering sales boosts every time we gave one to a group as a Prize).

It is a business decision for us. We like the impression we give to the customers by having t-shirts for sale and hanging at our register. It is a means of separating ourselves from the econo-pizza factories (nothin’ but love for you, though, Kyle). Kids love seeing them, sometimes we sell some. We had been selling for way too much money at $12 apiece. When we re-order, I will discuss with my wife the change of view to her stance that it is a marketing tool rather than a product. Sell it for just above costs in order to get them into the marketplace and make a little for the troubles and actual handling costs. It will be a marketing tool that will be slow selling and not at all a direct revenue stream.

We’ve looked into getting fully embroidered patches of our logo to sew to hats as another item. A little higher cost, but hats are really popular in Georgia, and a possible seller.