Table service vs. counter service

My wife and I are working on our new location. Currently we are in layout and design stage.
We keep going back and forth between table service and counter service. 2400 sq ft seating aprox 70.
We have table service now, that is what I am very familiar with. The restaurant industry seems (so I 've read) to be going towards fast casual. My current market is higher end vacation destination. New market is
middle of the road. Will they want to save time ? Less tips ? Will I be saving labor, how much ? Any input
from operators experienced in both services will be appreciated. which concept is the most enjoyable to work in? probably will add delivery, but somewhat reluctant ,thanks for any help !

I think it depends on pricing and the kind of atmosphere you are trying to provide. Yes it will save on labor, but only you can decide if it will fit your concept. If everything is the same as your other shop except service that may be a drawback.

I currently do counter service and I think you lose a lot of that personal one on one feeling with the waiter and staff… I think its a REAL struggle for up-selling. Think about you as a customer, if there is a line behind you with counter service you are rushed maybe and dont order everything you want. Table service you got time to order and maybe even order more…

“Would you like to try an appetizer today?” - The Wait staff has a better chance of asking this when their tip is determined then at the counter where it really doesnt matter.

I dunno Id rather have a wait staff… Also cant you pay less for a wait staff? Isnt counter staff considered a untipped employee?

Yeah my place only has room for 8 tables so I decided to do counter service with food being delivered to your table and I have to agree with J. you loose out on a lot of up selling opportunity and some people don’t understand the whole concept. If we don’t engage with customers as the walk through the door they just stand there like cattle. (it’s kinda funny sometimes).

LOL! So True… I even have signs up for order here and all… people dont get the concept…

I was a hybrid table service, and the happiest summer of my life was the first summer of only doing counter service.
We had a system where you ordered at the counter, and a server/busser brought your food out to you.

But, I guess I should inform you of the labor problems we had doing table service.
We only have 7 tables, at the ordering station, the customers were given an engraved metal table tent number to place on their table, the servers would then promptly take food to the wrong tables, even with table numbers in plain view, and me describing where the table was, what the customers were wearing, etc etc.

I would see dirty tables, empty drinks that could be refilled, so I would come out from behind the line to bus tables and fill drinks while these useless servers stood there and did nothing, the day I fired them all was when I was bussing a table, and a napkin fell on the floor and it was pointed out to me that I dropped something while she stood there doing nothing.

Since that day, life has improved, labor costs are way down, customer complaints down, and way less hassle of wondering who may or may not show up, or how stoned they would be if they showed up at all.
Did I mention the labor force in my area is the worst I’ve seen anywhere in this country…