Table service vs. counter service

My wife and I are working on our new location. Currently we are in layout and design stage.
We keep going back and forth between table service and counter service. 2400 sq ft seating aprox 70.
We have table service now, that is what I am very familiar with. The restaurant industry seems (so I 've read) to be going towards fast casual. My current market is higher end vacation destination. New market is
middle of the road. Will they want to save time ? Less tips ? Will I be saving labor, how much ? Any input
from operators experienced in both services will be appreciated. which concept is the most enjoyable to work in? probably will add delivery, but somewhat reluctant ,thanks for any help !

We do counter service and it works for our model, however i do agree we do loose some customers from it but overall i am happy overall with how we do things

do you feel you save much on labor ?

I say less tips. Less sales.
You have a server pimping items for sale. Will the customer want to get up to go to the counter to get a dessert, or another beer. I say table service.

I say to go with what you do best. If you do table service and it’s where you’re the most comfortable, do that. The customer will enjoy it and the tips may be there as well. I work for a company now that does a buffet. I am still amazed at how many tips the servers clear when they really are glorified bussers. They do not serve drinks at all.