table top 1 pie oven?

I have been offered a really lightly used tabletop oven for what appears a good price (1/3 retail) from a local businessman friend. My vision is using it for small marketing opportunities, to re-crisp/refresh pre-baked pizzas & slices. We have had REALLY great luck using our propane Blodgett 981 to do this . . . but not all places wil let us bring that behemouth to spew fumes.

We would bake off pies, then re-crsip them for sampling. Maybe even at really small venues for slice work. Like today at BJ’s warehouse club, we had a booth to give out samples. We had NO WAY to keep them warm except the bags and a small cookie oven (Otis cookies). 325F convection got them reheated, but not a pizza oven to be sure. I envision being able to use this small oven to help out with this part . . . . and possibly to melt cheese on lasagna and other pasta dishes in the shop. 3 minutes in that could be the ticket rather than clogging the decks with the dishes.

I will get a model number, but am I a lunatic and missing an altogether better alternative? My CTX conveyor oven is perfect except the 220V is just not available in these places.

Actually get a small commercial convection oven & put a stone in it is the best way to go, IMHBCO…I’ve got a great small/stone/quartz but it only does a 12" pie…

A guy in WI makes some ovens that are glorified toaster ovens (with coils or a cal-rod) (they also make those cookie ovens) (Wisco brand) but you’d be happier w/solution ‘A’

Will that be “portable” and 110V? My main interest is in having the unit for portable marketing events . . . so it would ned to be 110V if at all possible and easily toted. That said, I’m definitely going to check it out! I am looking at $500 or so for the ovenI am talking to the guy about. May be more than we need to get into for this sort of thing.