Table Turn over?

For those that have dine in/take out/delivery…

What can I expect as a table turn over rate?

2 Italian seat down restaurants in area of 30,000 households
10 pizza delivery in area

seating for
50 - 60 seats
casual Italian Restaurant with liquor -
average check $15 per

and for

fast food
seating for
12 - 16 seats
Italian no liquor
average check $10 per

I am doing a business plan - options are to open a
dine in/take out/delivery
dine in/take out/delivery fast food


I have seen a few places try and open with the casual dining and “fast food” options working side by side and not a one has lastes very long. It ends up with them dumping one of the two ideas and trying too survive. They just don’t do well after a shakeup in their plan. I think you need to decide what type of food you want to serve and base the entire plan as a whole off of that idea. It will take a lot of the headaches off you and give you a better chance at surviving. Best of luck.