Tables and Chairs

Looking for a ballpark figure what used tables and chairs are worth. Nothing fancy. Wood Chairs, and plain fast food tables.

what ever you can get to the right person who needs them put em on ebay!!! i bought buffolo wild wings chairs at auction for 11.00 $ each 100 of them i got between 23.00 - 35.00 each on ebay resell nice heavy oak with metal frames bought tables clean no chips etc 4 top and six top for between 15.00 - 27.00 each @auction and booths viynal padded out of lonestar resturaunt @ auction for as little as 5.00 per section to as high as 65.00 a section yuo can get what ever the market will bear :smiley: just have to find the right people rember there is a as* for every saddle.

just purchased some from Hazelwood in Phoenix, they do restaurant furniture all over…
got what I wanted for my pizzeria, heavy solid stuff that I like to sit at,
3 tables, 8 chairs, around $500…
of course tyou can go marble, ie fancy stuff, but i thought it was good value for new stuff…I always buy new because I am choosy, if not, like equipment, I am sure you can get for a lot less
it’s peenies on the dollar compared to equipment, so treat yourself and your customers if you possibly can,

Depends on where you are, what they look like, and what it will cost to ship to Grantville, GA. Let me know,. Chairs are always good to see and consider.


Hazelwood is in Phoenix, way too far on shipping heavy bulky stuff in less than a tryck load quanity.
I am sure there is a comparable company there.
I can give you the number of my sales rep there and they may be able to help you find a good place there.