Taco pizza for delivery

How well do you think a taco pizza would hold up for delivery with the lettuce and tomatoes being on it? Do they wilt?

When I’ve done it, I put the lettuce & tomato in a side salad delivery container … it’s OK otherwise, but why settle for “OK”?

We also put it on the side… one more thing to forget to take on a delivery. :roll:

Go make one and box it up. Let it sit for 20mins, then open and try to eat it! You will answer your question very quickly. Cold and hot don’t travel well. Just keep them separate! :!:

+1 on the side containers of the cold items.

Although we do ask our customers and some of them actually do want us to top it before they head out the door. I think they just don’t want to deal with the extra containers. On the other hand, I’ve spied some of them walking down the street with the pizza box in one hand and a slice in the other…they just don’t want to wait until they get home :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I don’t know of any taco place that puts the lettuce and tomato on the side when you order taco’s to go.

Remember McDonald’s “hot side hot, cold side cold”? No one cared.

we have delivered WITH the lettuce on the pizza for five years and never had complaints, we do how ever put tortilla chips on after it comes out and that kind of acts as a barrier to the lettuce!