Taco Pizza recipe needed

I’m looking for a good taco pizza recipe. we have the taco seasoned beef, lettuce, tomato, tortilla chips, sour cream down, what I don’t know what to do is the base. For those of you that have had successful taco pizzas what are you using for the base? Do beans work? Just looking for ideas.

I thought most used salsa as the base

I use pizza sauce as the base. Crust, sauce, taco meat, mozz. After it’s cooked we add crushed tortilla chips, lettuce, cheddar and tomatos. It’s one of my best sellers!

we do the same as Ally38562,but no cheddar cheese.I have had Taco pizza with Taco sauce as base and I did like it a lil better than mine. Taco sauce will add cost and time to build the pizza imo.

also people usually ask if we use refried beans and dont want them

First, the taco pizza lives and dies by the sauce you choose. It’s what brings it all together on your tongue. My signature pizzas are all off-the-wall creations. These are open minded creations that freak the traditionalists out but for it to make sense mentally, it must make sense to your taste buds first.

With that being said, you must start with a base of a good quality salsa and drain some of the excess liquid or it’ll be a soggy pie. If you use that crap from a jar or out of a 10# can, then it’ll taste like it came from a jar or 10# can. Those are not real salsas. Make a fresh one yourself or buy one from a reputable market that makes it themselves. Full of flavor and color including onions, tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper, and maybe some chiles for some heat. We do a spicy taco so I use hot salsa with serrano peppers in it.

We let folks choose chicken or beef, then top with mozz, chedduh, onions, grape tomatoes and then when it comes out we cut and add crumbled tortilla chips and cilantro. Beautiful pie both is looks and taste. Cinco de Mayo coming up too boys! I also do Spicy Nacho Chicken pizza made the same way only swap out the salsa base for nacho cheese. Big hit since adding it 5 months ago, good luck fellas!

Stanislaus makes a salsa ready tomato, we add seasonings and veggies to it to create our salsa. Instead of plain chips we top with crushed Nacho Cheese Doritos, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar (in that order). Sell a ton of them.

We used to make a “killer” taco pizza but we used a different dough too.
We used our regular pizza dough but we substituted 20% of the white flour with “masa flour”, while masa flour may look like corn meal it isn’t by a long shot. It is different in that it has been treated with alkali which totally changes the flavor. Tacos and tortilla chips are made using masa flour exclusively. You can buy masa flour from just about any food distributor or even at your local supermarket, as was previously mentioned, we too used a chunky salsa for the sauce and finished dressing the pizza post bake with shredded cheddar cheese and lettuce.
Pretty good stuff! A lot better than what some of the big box stores were offering at the time.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We do a pureed corn based sauce made with yellow corn, onion, veg stock and cream. Spread it on the crust, add braised flank steak, queso fresco and some white cheddar. Cook the pie, and hit it with some pico or salsa verde and cilantro post bake for some hot/cold contrast. Serve with lime wedges if yer really wanting to dazzle em.

This is the recipie I used to use 25 years ago when I was a driver at dominos, they didn’t have taco pizza we just did it for free pies.
Hand tossed dough, pace picante sauce or a 50/50 mix I pace and pizza sauce. Mozzarella ,and a little cheddar 1.5 ounces in 16 inch pie. Olives onions and raw beef. Take your time and cover the pie in tiny pieces of beef. Then sprinkle a single packet of taco seasoning over the pie. Toss it in the oven when it comes out add schredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and 3 ounces of schredded cheddar. Please note of you are delivering this get a small styro container and put the letuce and tomatoes in it. Along with a little cup of cheddar.You don’t want lettuce on the pizza till you eat it. There is one more variation that I really loved! That is to put pineapple in before you cook it as well. Something crazy good happens when the pineapple gets cooked with the taco seasoning on it.