Taco Pizza

I am making a taco pizza with refried beans mixed w/taco seasoning as the base, the problem I am having is that the beans are hard to spread on the dough. I have tried warming it up first, it was a little better. Anyone have any suggestion for me or know how Pizza Hut does it? Thanks

When I was in the pizza biz I used to mix a little salsa in it to thin it out some…

I baked it with bean mix, cheddar cheese, taco spiced ground beef, onions and black olives…Once it was cooked we topped it with sour cream, lettuce and diced tomatos…Yes it was messy and did not deliver well but it was a popular item…

We do a taco pizza with a refried bean base as well. We only sell it on our thin and crispy crust though that we buy parbaked. No problems spreading it out on that crust!


No experience here, but a suggestion maybe. Puree them in a food processor? I’m not sure if the texture is something you’re trying to keep, and if you are, then my idea is out the window.