Take and bake dough!

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i am thinking of adding take and bake to my menu and was wondering if the dough is different from what we use now? If it is not different than how long will it last? If it is different, what is different about it than regular? Thanks for any help you can give

pizza is forever> :smiley:

I searched the Think Tank archives using “take and bake” real quick. I looked for anything by Tom Lehmann (The Dough Doctor) and found this previous post


Their is a recipe bank on PMQ.com. His recipe is supposed to be there. I have not looked for it.

A take and bake pizza dough can be a complicated as you want it to be, or it can be very easy. I’ve got several t&b dough formulas posted in the RECIPE BANK that will hold their own or even go one up on Papa Murphy’s, or if you want, you can just use your regular dough to make a decent t&b. You will need to probably change your dough management slightly to something that looks like this: Mix the dough in the normal manner, scale and ball, and place into plastic dough boxes. Allow dough to ferment at room temperature until they can be easily formed into dough skins (generally about 2 hours), as soon as the dough is shaped, place it on a screen and put it into the cooler on a wire rack to cool for atleast 30 minutes, then remove from screen and stack about 10 high with a piece of parchment paper between each dough skin. Store in the cooler until needed to fill an order. Remove a dough skin and place onto a bakeable fiberboard tray <www.pactiv.com> or <www.menashapackaging.com> (note: lightly oil the tray before putting the dough skin onto it) apply sauce and toppings and stretch wrap. Be sure to include baking directions and a notice to keep refrigerated, along with a use by date (typically 2 or 3 days after date of purchase).
This should give you some options for getting started.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I can help you with t&b if you would like. Email or pm me anytime!