Take and bake fundraising

Someone came to me with this idea but I’m concerned about the pizza. He is going to have kids go door to door selling pizza to raise money for the schools. People buy them and than the next day the kids bring the people their take and bake pizza. From the time the refrigerated pizza leaves my store it could be upwards of 3 or more hours before the pizza gets to the house. Realistically is this to long? I personal think its borderline but I’m curious to see what you guys think. Thanks

The first thing that comes to mind fo rme is : What is the health department going to say about this type of undertaking. I know it would not fly with my heath inspector.
Be safe and give your health inspector a call. They are there for information as well as inspection.

I would do this, and give him the name/number of the person who approached you, then go directly to the schools and make an offer to have them sell coupon books for your store … have the coupon book sell for $15 - the group selling gets $10, you get $5. Have one of the coupons for a free pizza that is valued at $15 - $16. This program would work better for everyone: The group makes $10 on each sale (and don’t have to go around delivering product), the people purchasing the book get their money back the first time they call you, you get a lot of new potential regular customers trying your food at next to no cost - the $5 you get for each book ought to very nearly cover your cost of printing the books and the free pizza. The remaining coupons would be set at a price that may be a better deal than you’d normally give, but are still profitable for you.

The only person losing out is the loser who’s trying to make a quick buck off of a take & bake school fundraiser.

Why not just have them sell a gift certificate door to door. Have the kids actually take them and sell them, right then and there.


I agree with NY Pizza there are much better ways to do fund raisers and get you name out there at the same time. I currently have a fundraiser going with the girl’s scoccer team. Included in the package is a memoboard ( www.memoboards.ca ), a buy a gourmet pizza get a free 3 topper, $5 off from my butcher’s shop, $10 off on auto detailing, BOGO movie rental, and one week of free tanning. This package is selling for $5 and the team pays $1 to defray the cost of printing.

Richard I must have read your mind because I recently put your memo board on the 1st page of www.memoboards.ca And I have been getting a lot of good feedback…

Definitely have them sell gift certificates instead of pizzas. Selling GC’s is by far our best fundraiser. We sell $20 gift certificates to the organization for $10.00. The can resell them for whatever they’d like. Most end up selling them at full face value and pocketing $10.00 each.

Not only will it be much easier to do, but we see almost 25% breakage on these sales.

I noticed that it is on the front page of your mail out as well. I have gotten many compliments on you good design.