take and bake wrapping

Hey all

Can anybody out there tell what kind of wrapping they use for their take and bake pizza. Also what kind and where can I get the pans the customer cooks it on.


I use 24" plastic film and i get my ovenable baling trays from
pressed paperboards technologies,llc they are out of Dublin, Ohio (614) 793-1360 Tonda D. Gregory is my sales lady. They ship anywhere and they are about 1/3 the $ as pactiv. hope this helps. There email is papertrays.com

We make the pizza on carboard rounds with a sheet of ovenable parchment paper under the dough. Wrap in wide plastic wrap. Include a sheet of cooking instructions emphasizing removing the cardboard.

We also sell pizza screens for $3. Otherwise, cooking on a cookie sheet is fine. Just slide the pie on the parchment onto whatever you are using (screen or sheet) and put it in the oven.

We have been doing it this way now over 8 years.

our new store we will have take and bake, anyone know where I can get boxes that have a cut out with a window.

silly question…why do you need a “special” window box? Did you or your customer forget they ordered a TnB?

Are you trying to copy Sam’s?

Are you making them to order, or pre-made to sit in a display cooler?

IMHBAPO, no need 4 a special box…I’ve been using a circle/parchment paper/box for over 10 yrs…no one has said they need a window or a special baking disk…

Go to Pactiv <www.pactiv.com> or Menasha at <www.menashapackaging.com> for the ovenable baking trays, then use any quality stretch wrap and you’re home free.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I own an exclusive take-n-bake store as well. I use disks and parchment paper, the customer bakes on the parchment paper right on their oven rack, no cookie sheet or anything. And plastic wrap it with good quality wrap one way, spin it around, wrap it the other way, give a nice pull when wrapping second time.

You’re right, parchment paper does work quite well, and it is a lot cheaper than the ovenable trays, but the one concern that I have with the parchment paper is potential for dropping the pizza as it is put into the oven or taken out. Dropping it when putting it into the oven is an inconvenience, but dropping it when taking it out of the oven can result in a nasty burn, and with today’s litigation crazed society, I really don’t want to present any opportunities.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Yes, this is true, but my customers use the cardboard disk to get it in and out of the oven. I find that it is even stronger than baking disks that other take-n-bakes use. Not to mention I find that the baking disks make the pizza’s smell weird. I have heard this comment from alot of my customers as well who have tried other take-nbakes.
When I tried baking them on a cookie sheet on the parchment I also found that the pizza “sweat” and was soggy. Was it just my dough?
I tell people if they are feeling nervous about it to bake it on the parchment then when done cooking to slip it on to a cookie sheet to get it out of the oven. Problem with that though is that most people dont have a cookie sheet large enough for a 14" pie.
Anyway, those are some of my thoughts. Thanx muchly for yours Tom, I wish you could come up here to Canada! I would love to see how you could help me…but sigh, im a pizza owner, I cant afford you, lol!!

We don’t see pizzas sweating during baking on the cookie sheets, but just about as soon as they come out of the oven they begin to sweat if left on the cookie sheet for any length of time. It is much better to transfer the pizza to some form of insulated material (a pizza circle works great). Also, we have found that if you use a pizza circle to move the pizza to and from the oven, it is safet to hold the circle so the corrugations are running parallel to the oven door. This provides more strength to the circal as it is used something like a peel. When held the other way, with the corrugations perpendicular to the oven opening, there is a greater chance of the circle folding and dumping the pizza. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

You r right! I train my staff on doing this when wrapping to prevent bending.
Putting them on the cardboard after baking is a great idea, i will inform customers right away!