take and bakes

I am doing a school fundraiser, we are doing take and bakes, anyone have experience with this?
my worries

  1. the dough edges getting crusty…do I just cover with saran wrap?
  2. the sauce sitting on the dough over night: is there any tricks to make these stay fresh? my thought is the cheese will dry out and the exposed dough will yellow and harden and the sauce will impact the bottom. I may be wrong though.

If you double wrap them in saran wrap or else shrink wrap them, they will be fine the next day.

When I was in the par-baked side of things…5-7 days was the max time for a sealed/wrapped pizza…

After that, yhe sauce/cheese reaction suffered…

The end product ‘yellows’ and the taste is off…

We sell about 60 take and bakes per week and we have done fundraisers for years now and we always par bake the dough. Once it cools we put the sauce and toppings on.
When they are finished being made we freeze them.(wrapped in foil and in a box with baking instructions)

We used half a dozen different home ovens to test and make sure each pizza’s baking instructions would work. We noted that some toppings like veggies had to have the moisture cooked out of them before we put them on our take and bakes. Each pizza also required different times and positions(bottom rack, middle rack, top rack) in the oven.

This year we have made over 4,000 take and bakes for fundraisers and take and bakes and we have had zero complaints. The testing of our own product before we sold any has really paid off.

I can also tell you that the more fundraisers you do the more business you get from people that have purchased your take and bakes through the fundraiser.

One other thing…If you want to do fundraisers often to help build your customer base, make sure you put on the baking instruction that go with the pizza’s “Need a fundraiser? Call us at 555-555-5555!” It seems like every time we get a call from an organization it is because they purchased a pizza from a fundraiser and loved it and want to know how they can do a fundraiser too.