Take & Bake Indi average weekly sales

Hi everyone, my first time here. I opened a t&b back in Sept. and did the soft opening by giving away a small one topping pizza and did 125 pizzas that day, also did some print adds, 2000 door hangers and another free pizza promotion back in Dec. which netted about 150 new coustomers. it seems that my weekly sale have reached a platue at $3500 a week. I use fresh dough, Fontanini sausage, Stanislaus tomato products Patrick Cudahay Pepperoni, Grande Cheese and all fresh veg. Been told I have the best pizza by many many peaople. The population in the ten mile radius is 20,000 and there are 4 other pizza places in town and 1 Papa Murphys. PM seem to do very well, why can’t I get some more of his buissiness, what should I do. Thanks for your reply.[/code][/list]

Where abouts are you located? I am opening a take in bake in 6-8 weeks, id love to hear what people have to tell you, I can guarentee some are going to tell you to door hang. So better get them started now, lol!!

I am located about 30 minutes west of Milwaukee WI.

Im in Canada

They tell me that I have the best and freshest pizza anywhere. They also tell me that they use to go to papa Murphys but since they tried mine they well never go back. They also ask me why I don’t qpon and i tell them that my pizza is of superiour quality and that I’m not going to get into price wars with Papa Murphy.

Do you have a web site? What about a sample of your menu, id love to see what you sell. Im working on my menu right now.
We are using only the freshest ingredients as well. In my area we dont lack for pizza, just lack for great pizza, that is the niche we will be filling.
Would love to hear from you!