Take & Bake?

Is anyone running an exlusive take and bake pizzeria? I have a couple of questions for anyone doing this. Or have done this. Thanx

Why exclusive? Sorry, but it doesn’t make any sense to me…get an oven!

Why exclusive? In my area The pizza market is saturated. I have come up with a concept that is not being served in my area. Another reason is that overhead for baking and delivering pizza is high. Why incur those costs if I dont have to. Am I closed minded about getting an oven with time? Nope, but that is not what im going to start with for now. I feel that I need to have a niche, to make it in this saturated market. I mean there is money to be made, ever heard of Papa Murphys? Not that I will be selling low quality like them, but they have managed to make millions with even low quality on take&bake alone. So maybe that answers why.

What sort of questions? I have a take-n-bake place - not exlcusive though. We bake an 8" pizza only. We’re in an area that wasn’t familiar with TNB so it’'s been an up hill battle all the way! Not sure we’re winning.
Be happy to share any knowledge I may have gleaned along the way.

Thank you very much. My biggest question I think, would be a long answer. I am compiling my list of things I need to open. Ill be going on a store shopping spree in thenext 3 weeks, and I am petrified I will forget something!! Ugh!

We’re not take-n-bake, and never will be. But I have to say, operating an exclusive take-n-bake operation sounds WONDERFUL to me! No heat, no oven exhaust, no grease, no customers getting wrong pizzas, no burned pizzas, no delivery… geez, sign me up for some of that.

That is the reason we are starting with a take & bake, in our area people have never heard of it and we are taking a risk, but we are in a big city…so hopefully it will catch on, we are hoping to click with a niche here, pray pray pray for me…lol!!

I’ve been managing one for six months now, I took over the woman’s job who did it for 14 years (she retired and moved to Alaska), and I’ve been through a lot (from having no experience at all to, well, being able to run the place and make a profit). It’s the only one in town, we’re high-quality, and we’ve been around since '89 (When this place started up, I was only 3)! So even though I sound a little underdeveloped, I have learned a lot so far, and would be able to answer some questions.

Plus, the people around me that I work with know much information as well.

I opened a take and bake franchised store about three years ago. Sales were flat the first two years until I took matters into my own hands and went independent (best thing I have ever done). Today I offer both T&B and baked pizzas. About 60% of my sales are baked pizzas. There is no way I would go back to only offering T&B. My customers love the choice. You limit your customer base by only offering a T&B product.

just my 2 cents…

How do you price T&B compared to your cooked pizzas? Our pricing is about twice the $ than Papa Murphys in the town 5 miles down the road.
We thought about offering T&B, (the drive-through coffee shops even asked us to provide them with T&B for resale). I’m thinking we could drop about 30% off baked price. ( sorry to steal the thread).
Tom R

We price them the same. We do not offer delivery or eat in, this reduces our overhead a bit. Our prices are comparable with Papa Murphys. I believe food labeling is required if you provide t&b pizza’s for resale.