Take my picture!

I want to create a couple different “Take your picture here” signs and place them outside my pizza shop. Something fun and interesting to help draw attention and word of mouth advertising for my dining room.

I’ve got a basketball and general sports theme. What kind of cut outs do you suggest I do? I was thinking of doing one with a referee and one of maybe a slice of pizza. These would have a place for people to put their face in and have a picture taken. I need some other suggestions too. Of course having a group one would be nice too. I was thinking of just maybe having 3 basketball players of different heights and weights, with funky hair dos or something as a group shot.

Chime in! I need input on this one.


Maybe a cook in a bakers hat throwing the dough.

Or a good one for Daddio and me would be a driver carrying a delivery bag.

Then we could pretend we ahve drivers :lol:


DRIVER must be on the same page as VACATION in that indy owners handbook ( the missing page)

sports go to fathead.com