take n bake trays

anyone out there doing take and bake ? can anyone tell me the best trays /wrapping to use? and any ideas on how to tweak you dough/sauce to make it better for take n bake?

also would help if anyone had any information on suitable times/temps for baking in home ovens

We use cardboard rounds with a piece of parchement between the pie and the cardboard. The parchment can go in the oven, the cardboard can not. Wrap in plastic wrap for transport. Remove plastic for cooking. Yes, you really have to tell the customer all these things.

Baking times will vary with your product. Make a few pies and bring them home and experiment. Most people will have a cookie tray to cook on and few will have a stone or screen, so use that for testing. Start with 400 degrees. Many home ovens will not reliably cook hotter than that so your instructions need to work at something close to that temp.

thanks for the information , i agree its hard to get home ovens to cook above 400 degrees , is there any benifit to par baking ? also is there any benifit to using the commercially available paperboard trays?

This is the tray that I use:
http://www.webstaurantstore.com/12-foil … 28000.html

at .05 each it is perfect for take-n-bake.

We parbake all of our take-n-bake dough. As for the temp. every pizza recipe is different. I used 12 different families to test my baking time and temperatures. You also have to make sure that you test which rack to put it on. Ours tested great only on the bottom oven rack.

I print all of my own labels and instructions. Check with your food inspector reguarding your state laws for take-n-bake. You can PM me if you would like to see my label. I could email it to you.

That link shows them priced at .20/each, which is still a great price. Where do you get them at for .05? If I could find 8", 14" and 16" foil ones that cheap, I’d find a way to make them work in my operations.

Sorry it’s .20. It’s been a while since I bought them. I bought 5 cases to start with.

I use the paperboard baking trays… cost a little more money but well worth it. These trays bake as close to take out pizza as you will ever find in my opinion. http://www.m-presspac.com/.docs/pg/10737

are you just useing deliwrap to wrap? is anyone using does shrink wrap machines made by wisco etc?

We used shrink wrap the first two years until the machine broke. Did not bother to get another one. Deli wrap is fine.

I buy a 24" film wrap works good. I do not see the need for all the other stuff.