Take N Bake

I have a delivery pizza place were currently moving to a new location to allow some dine in
construction should be done in about 2 weeks. In our town there’s a grocery store that sells ALOT… of junk take n bake
along with a truck that does to. Our new location is at the entrance of the grocery store parking lot. Almost everyone within in 10 miles
will drive slowly past my store… Anyway…
My question is should I roll the dough then freeze it or do I sell only none frozen and if it’s not frozen how do I package it to allow the customer to get it in there oven?

I own a take and bake, if you would like to ask me any questions just contact me.

I am looking to start a take n Bake in Birmingham Alabama, their currently isn’t any, which to me is a double edge sword. One less competition from Take and bakes, but it also means the concept is unknown. So my first question in your opinion how would you go about educating the customers. My other question is more about the business plan, What equipment do you own and do you use canned sauce spiced up? last question is about layout, I have found a good location that is 1200sq right off a very busy road, in a strip mall, but there is a papa johns right off the road. What kinda location would be best?

I look forward to hearing from you

We have been selling take and bake from our delco for 9 years. Mostly to customers that live outside our delivery area. We will not deliver them. We use a cardboard round with parchment paper between the pizza and the cardboard. make the pizza the way you normally do on the round instead of on a screen, wrap in plastic wrap and send out with printed instructions. The parchment can go in the oven, the cardboard can not. The customer slides the pizza on the parchment onto a cookie sheet or a pizza screen (we sell those too) and bakes at home.

It is not huge for us but we sell a couple a day so it is worth maybe 10-15K a year in sales.

Roll the dough and then put it onto a mesh screen in the cooler (use a wire tree rack to hold the screens with the dough) after the dough is thoroughly cooled, about 30 minutes, you can stack them about 10 high with a piece of parchment paper seperating the individual dough skins. Store these under the prep table. When an order is reseived, just remove a cold dough skin, place it into your tray, brush very lightly with oilive oil or a blended oil and dress as needed. You’re then ready to overwrap and send home with a good set of instruction for baking. Be sure to include a sticker with a use by date. Also include the words “Do Not Freeze” as freezing will only destroy both the dough (actually the yeast) and the vegetable toppings.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We have a dine in del/co and also offer T&B. Our sough is already pressed out into pans so we just take it out of the pan put it on a Pactiv tray and use what is called a Deli wrap machine [url]http://www.takenbakepizza.com/members/m_equipment.shtm to wrap it and put on a sticker with the instructions. I like the Pactive trays and wrap machine the best over other methods as it looks very professional.