take n bake

Hi. I know this has been asked but… We have an opportunity to do lots of take n bake for our local little league games on Saturdays. Their first games are around 10am. If we make the pies Friday night, how long can they sit in the fridge and how long before baking do they take them out? Thanks.

wow you have time on fridays, I cant even find time to make my own food

We’ve been pretty dead so I’m taking anything I can get! Every little bit helps!

This is a seat of the pants guess…
Fridge should be fine overnight. It’s merely a “sum of the parts”… the shortest holding time is dough. I’d test two different methods. If you hand toss, one is out.

Sheet out a cold dough ball (no warm-up period). Sauce and top it. Put in walk-in.
Use a normal dough skin, sauce, top, and put in walk-in.

DO NOT put these on pizza screens or you’ll have a big mess on your hands.

Take the pizzas out of the cooler, let them sit for 20-30 mins. Toss in the oven and see how that works out.

Remember, they won’t have the luxury of a pizza oven. Also, there’s a grey area of needing ingredients and nutrition info. Check with someone about those requirements. I’m thinking delivering the darned things would be your best bet.