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I have been reading that these Take N Bake pizzas are becoming quite popular. Never having worked with them, either serving or making. What would be the best way to go about cooking them? Should the crust be par baked? Should a perforated or not perforated pan be used? What woudl be the correct serving tempurature?
Any help would be appriciated. :smiley:

I do baked and take n bake, I can help ya. Basically i make the same pizza you do, but i use disks and parchment. You may choose to use provactive trays. That is what papa murphys does. It is a simple process really, if you want detail info pm me your email. Ill give ya the low down


Hi Guys:

An interesting note on take and bake operations. I have been told, because the product is not baked they can take food stamps. Also I have been told, lots of T&B are located in or near low income populations and get a lot of food stamps.

That’s not to indicate that there are not a lot of very successful T&B shops in up scale areas.

I assume the above to be correct. Anyone with differing information?

George Mills

Yes, it is true that you can use food stamps for T&B. being in Canada we dont have food stamps.
I am a gourmet pizzeria, and I think that is why I haven’t been able to stay solely t&b. It just isnt flying for the higher end people as far as I can tell. Yes, I have hundreds of customers that do use it. But…I think t&b is more successful in the US because they are food stamp eligible. I would not recommend someone do take-n-bake soley. It is hard to get peoples brain wrapped around it, but as an additional service. Why not? Super easy to impliment and every dollar you can add to your bottom line the better. Any extra way you can help your customers, again, all the better.


Please don’t take offence to this but why would anyone buy a raw pizza that they have to bake themselves as opposed to buying a pizza that’s already cooked? I understand it for certain situations like they were driving across country. I’ve never heard of it and I guess I must not understand it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Papa Murphys has over 1,000 locations and most grocery stores do a booming business…So lots of folks must “get it”…But it does not work for me either…

Take-n-bake is an incredible service to provide to your cusotmers. Here is a few reason I give to potential customers, and what I hear directly from my customers.

  1. Convenience. You can pick up the pizza any time during your day, put it in your fridge and bake it when you feel like it.
  2. Speedy, come in buy a pizza and walk out with it in 5-10 minutes.
  3. Dont have to wait for the pizza guy, in my area it is a common occurance to have to wait 1-1.5 hour to receive a delivered pizza
  4. Hot out of the oven, they get the heat of having it right out of the oven just like having it in a restaurant, not 10-20 minutes old.
  5. Super crisp, cuz it never sits in a box you dont get the sweating, etc.
  6. Having a party or gathering tomorrow, dont have time to come and grab it at the time and dont want to have to preplan to have it delivered on time? Pick it up the day before. Still comes out great!
  7. Because I dont have the overhead of ovens and oven cooks I can put MORE ON THE PIZZA!
  8. Less fat then alot of pizza places around here, I dont have to add much oil to my dough to keep it from sticking to the pan or screen, or in the case of pizza pans I dont have to oil it adding fat to the pizza
  9. It’s super easy to run our business, way less overhead, ovens, staff, etc.
    10.Pizzas only take 10-15 minutes to bake instead of waiting forever for the pizza guy
  10. Pizza is always piping hot, never late, cold or soggy
  11. No taxes or delivery charges
  12. In the case of the US food stamp eligible (big customer base that doesnt usually afford your product)
  13. Opens you up to a new market for other take home products

I think this is a few reasons to ADD take-n-bake to your menu, would I go the take-n-bake exclusive route again, no…people are nervous about new ideas so it can and did for me, scare people away, but after explaining the benefits to customers 90% of them walk out with a take-nbake, rather than baked pizza.

Just my 14 cents worth on the subject


Does anyone have any real data on this “food stamp” thing - or is it just speculation?

What percentage of business are TNB shops doing via food stamps?

I haven’t read anything - but I suspect it is next to nothing. I could be very wrong…

The next question about food stamps is what is required to accept and then redeem said “stamps”. I believe it is almost all swipe cards now, ayway.

I know 3 people that do t&b in the US I have 1 who has done 13% consistently of NEW customers because he can now except food stamps. but business has jumped 24% with the addition of current customers that increased their visits to the store this is the best result.
The other 2 are about 10-15% total increase based on New and current customers.

Dont have any idea on demographics for the different ones. and I truly think it would matter on demographics. If you are in an area that has lower incomes i think it would be worth it…

Hi Canuklady,:slight_smile: . Just one quick question. Im in Canada also, and I was wondering by what you meant by no taxes(in your 14 reasons that you give). I can understand that as a ``goodno GST is applicable,,but as a service`to prep the TnB, isnt the service tax applicable?

NOPE, no gst on uncooked food. It hasnt been “serviced” lol!!

Ah,ok. Thanks for the info,:slight_smile: .

No problemo!! And believe me that 5% reduction in taxes, is a big bonus to people. Alot more than I thought it would. People love the opportunity to not pay the govt more money, lol!

I would love not to have to be the governments tax collector! :lol:

What the consumer expects today, as a take and bake pizza will need to be made from a raw dough skin. Real T&B stores don’t even have an oven. To begin, try your regular dough. Shape it, put it onto a paper board, ovenable tray, (www.pactiv.com) then refrigerats so the pizza can be built on a cold dough skin. When an order is received, dress the dough skin to the order, then overwrap, label, and provide good baking instructions. If your regular pizza dough isn’t up to the task, try increasing the yeast a little, as well as increasing the sugar level to 5% of the flour weight. It should now perform a lot better. We were just making them yesterday in our Practical Pizza Production class.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you for the information Tom,I’ll try making a few and see how they turn out.
Sounds like your Pizza Production Class was very informative,I really wish I could have made it this year. I am looking forward to the next one. :slight_smile:

It was a great class this year. Yesterday, Thursday, we made some really great up-scale pizzas under the guidence of Diana Coutu, then we made a bunch of our own creations including calzones, stuffed, double crust, pizzas and dessert pizzas with my cheese base. Yum!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I already feel bad having missed the class,no need to rub salt in the wound Tom, :cry: Lol.

There’s always next year, and as in years past, next years course will be even better than this years. For those of you who were in the class, I can honestly say that this years group was really a lot of fun to work with. Lots of great questions, and great stamina on those two long days.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor