Take out menu box outside

Do any of you have your take out menu placed outside so passers by can take one? If so what do you put them in?

We used to have one on our front window but they young idiots around here thought it was good fun to spread them all over the carpark or worse still light them up in the dispensor. Now we just have a big menu board in the window. This works well as we have an ATM in our adjoining window so people read the menu while they are waiting to get to the ATM.

Even though people are ordering, we used to put a takeout menu with coupon on the bottom of it for our box topper. We would hand them out instead of leaving them for people to take. We also had a downloadable menu on our website.

My reason for asking is because I want to capture some of the patrons that will be going into the coffee/doughnut shop that is going in next door. I want to place the menus near the door of the coffee shop (on my wall).

reuben - sounds perfect, they can browse your menu whilst at the coffee shop. We have a normal dispenser outside but we do have a overhang to stop the rain. We are in a low footfall location and go through about 50 menus a month, for the cost to put something out must be worthwhile.


You aren’t competing with a doughnut shop, so offer to do a menu trade–your menus on his counter and vice versa. Everyone is happy and you won’t have to leave your menus outside.

Liz Barrett

This is a national chain with a policy which prevents that from happening. It would be like trying to get Wal Mart to do coop advertising.

You’re right. That would probably be difficult.

The good thing is, there will be increased traffic around your store with a new business coming in next door, so take advantage of it any way you can.

I was browsing craigslist and found this: http://portland.craigslist.org/yam/bfs/3171516403.html

You could do something like that for your menus if you’re allowed to put something on the sidewalk. You could put you own logo on it and decorate it however you want, I would just keep a dozen or so per day in there unless you feel comfortable with more. Just a thought!

If you chose to not do the print and post a menu in the window, I would suggest adding a QR Code that links to your menu or website. If someone is passing by or you aren’t open and they want to see what you have to offer they can scan the QR Code, get instant access to your menu and view it at their convenience. Almost all scanner apps also save your history so they can always go back and view it for quick access. QR codes can be powerful tools and don’t cost much. I can generate one for you for free (no strings) just drop me an email.

PS: If you do use the QR code don’t forget to add a little text informing the consumer what the QR code will take them to. EG. “Scan here to view our menu.” There is nothing worse than a random floating QR Code.

Good Luck

Josh Davis
Vice President of Sales
Mail Shark

Mr. Davis,

Excellent idea, QR Codes are becoming a quick means to communicate to your customers. They are becoming apart of our life and an opportunity for Pizzeria Owners. We are moving to a new level in Pizza Marketing, with today’s Smartphones, this is the path that must be taken advantage of not just to succeed but to surpass your competition.

Kelly Donner

Agreed. Love the QR Code idea. I’d suggest doing it even if you do have the menus outside. That way passersby have a choice between grabbing the menu or scanning the QR code.

Liz Barrett

I am thinking this may be the way to go. I will be able to place it 2 feet from their main entrance.