Take out menu printer needed

I searched the archives bit, and found three printers from whom I’ve requested quotes (some of the print qty minimums are out of my league, though at 10,000):

century printing
and CMI

I am trying to get quotes on 2-color, tri filded menues. Does anyone have any truly great print companies they are working with to produce this sort of thing for a great price? I am in metro-atlanta (sort of) and can drive somewhere within 60 miles if needed. Mail-order and internet companies are fine. I want good service and someone that ahs had good experiences, if you are willing to share.

I have the layout and file ready to send . . . just need a great vendor to send them to me printed and folded.


And be sure to check out their article on getting the most out of your menu…Also, why 2 colour?..Although 2 colour is less costly on a per piece basis I do not think it is as effective as full colour…Some studies have indicated that full colour gets up to 40% higher response than 1 colour…Not sure how 2 colours factors in…

Another idea is to share your menu with other businesses in your city…Find 2 or 3 other businesses and do a co-op flyer…The distribution cost is the same but when split 3 or 4 ways it lowers the cost…

Good luck with your re-opening…RCS…

PS…Nick, I see you are on council… Me too

check out these guys…


they’ve done some postcard printing 4 me…

Thanks for mentioning them. I had already sent the a quote request, but forgot to mention them.

[list][*] It is takeoutprinting that gave me the ehads up to 2-color: http://www.takeoutprinting.com/default. … ID=3446439
My design scheme and logo lend themselves quite well to black/white/red printing. the menu is really stricking compared to me previous black and white. My draft really does look pretty good and clean in 2-color.

[*]Right on the same page with you about cooperative marketing. We’ll get the 2 hair salons next door and another business as well . . . see if they will go together and get some full color or 2-color flyers and/or opstcards put together to distibute in our stores, saturation mail, as well as the tourism and visitor bureau for the county. There is POWER in a pizza box.

[*] thanks for the wgood wishes. I’m ordering food for Wednesday deliver. Even if we get some sort of delay until next week . . . we’re ready to cook and test and reaquint ourselves with the kitchen.


Another printer I just remembered is: http://www.accuform.net


I see Royster suggest takeoutprinting. Take a look in the back of your favorite pizza industry magazine. There are some printing advertisements back there. Believe it or not I was actually looking at them earlier tonight.


If you already have your file designed, try http://www.vistaprint.com You can go to their website and upload your menu file for printing. They have pretty good prices. You can order them in many different quantities. Obviously the more you order, the cheaper they are. If you want tri-fold menus, you will have to order them as a brochure. Their prices are:
1500 $369.99
2000 $399.99
2500 $429.99
5000 $549.99
10000 $999.99

These are also the same prices for their 2 sided full color flat menus as well. They’re full color, glossy, and on 100 lb. card stock with aqueous coating. You can get them shipped in less than a week too. I’ve ordered from them and they do a very professional looking job. If you have your own design already on file, the project is simple. I see on their website that they can design a flyer for you for $99 but I have no idea how good of a job they do.

I’ve also used CFMconcepts.com to design a flyer for me in the past and their finished product is awesome. If you don’t have your own design on file, try calling CFMconcepts. They will do smaller amounts than 25,000 (as listed on their website), but it will cost you more per flyer.

I’d try a net search locally.
I found a place here in Vegas that prints and distributes 10k for $925
One color, one side.

Friday we launch the first 5k out of 20k (over the next 4 weeks) and kick off our delivery.

If we can get a compounding 2% weekly sales growth from the drop and get a 1.5x current sales from the delivery it’ll be what we’ve been slaving away for 8 months for. :smiley:

They also gave us a great deal on some additional menu’s for box topping and t-shirt bagging

Did a little searching and ouch on prices, but I did find a place in Atlanta


here’s another with some better pricing


I am sure they will print and ship distribute for that price. HECK . . . I only have 2000 addresses in the zip code!!

I have don eall sorts of searches and found all sorts of printers in all sorts of print ranges. I am really hoping to find some referrals to places people have actual, real life experiences with and can recommend to me for fabulous results.

Nick with 2,000 houses in your area if you hit every door every 5 weeks and put flyers on every order that goes out the door 10,000 will be used in 3 or 4 months…RCS…

You are right on. I hope to have a good number to send out. Being that they are strictly menues and not exactly advertising flyers, we won’t send one on EVERY box, but ask the customers if they have our newest menu, and send one out if they don’t. My reference was to the company being willing to charge me $925 to print and distribute one color one side. Not what I’d call a deal in my market given the numbers.

Now, if we did as you suggest, and get 10,000 to use and distribute primarily in house and on doors . . . we can get that for a big bit less than the money quoted.

I do not dispute their quality or services . . . just syaing it is not a fit for our needs in our market at this time.

Nick the other night I had a couple couples over to watch the hockey game…When the game headed into overtime I ordered a few pizza to feed them…The pizzas arrived and they were a big hit…I had a menu on the fridge but did not have an extra copy or two to spare for these couples that never ordered from this place before…Put them on every box…Even if the customer says already have one…Better to over do it than under do it…RCS…

Hi Nick,
I have sales flyers for tradeshows that I do printed at psprint.com. I also have all my post-cards printed there. If you have your art designed, it is really easy to upload your artwork and proof it. They also have mailing services. Good service, good printing. But since I’m not in the pizza industry, I’m not sure how the price compares to menu printers.

OR - you can always print your menu on a Post-it Note so your customer can stick it to their fridge. :wink:
If you want a quote for that, let me know…

Message heard and understood. They’re only pennies apiece, so no need to hoard them to myself . . . I know what’s on the menu :lol:

I’ll check psprint.

Post-it isn’t what I’m going for. My spiffy octagon shaped magnets will hold them up on the fridge quite nicely

I’ll call you when I need them, though. :smiley: (I’ll try the magnet guy here before I go elsewhere).