Take Out Only

I was wondering how many of you do take out only? How much business do you do? I have an option to rent out a 2,100 sq. ft spot and not really sure I want to do delivery. It is on a major highway near Walmart,Target,Home Depot and several other places. It is also on the side of the highway that alot of people use to travel home from work. Any suggestions?

I’m not take out only so can’t comment on the sales but 2,100 sq. ft seems a big space for just take out only. Maybe consider a few tables. Maybe other can comment?

Does it have a drive through window? I would think that a carry-out only place would want one to use to tout about “convenience” in its marketing. Then you can add some “Grab-and-Git!” items in much the same fashion of Little Caesars’ Hot-n-Ready.

we only have 1875 sq.ft. and provide dine-in (27 tables of 4),take-out,and catering with a 20 person minimum.Dont limit yourself to one option.

I had thought about the drive-thru idea but unfortunately the one spot we are leaning towards won’t accomandate one. But I like the idea of the “Grab and Git” concept. Is that something I should do all the time or say for just certain hours and days like 4 to 6,Monday thru Thrusday?

Arduous is your operation quick service or do you have a waitstaff?

2000 sq ft is definitely too big not to provide dining. I would say take a smaller space or add dine-in. You have three avenues of revenue – why limit yourself to one?

Obviously there is something to be said to having a simple operation but personally I would want to maximize my investment – especially in today’s economy.

I do have a waitstaff of 5 servers and 1 busboy…fyi we net 15k for six days of operation closed sundays and NO DELIVERY.

21K feet does seem like a lot of space for carryout only. I have 15K and do all three. Is there a reason why you don’t want to do delivery? Yes, it does add complexity and costs, but it’ll get you to a lot more customers. I would not be able to make it with carryout only.

The simple reality is, you are going to spend a lot of time on the phone saying “no mam, I’m sorry, we don’t deliver”. You are also going to miss sales to those surrounding businesses for employee lunches… their 30 min lunch break might not be enough to go to the car, drive to you, drive back, park, go to the breakroom, and eat.

Another reality, is when sales are slow in the beginning, you are never sure whether its your food, your menu, your marketing, the economy, or your pick-up only concept. You will be extremely tempted to add delivery or dine-in when $ is tight. Maybe you should consider starting with them at the beginning.