Take Out Only

Does any one know of any independant operations that do successful take out only? I have the opportunity to open a place in a 1,200 sq. ft space with a rent of $1500.00 a month. It is in a center with a grocery store,dollar store and a couple of smaller stores. The population of a 3 mile radius is about 9,000. It is next to 2 apartment complexes and 1/2 mile from 3 more. Near 3 high schools and 1/2 mile from the university with a student body of 7,000. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

Sounds like a good location as long as there are not too many fish in the pond. What does the competition look like?


There is a Domino’s and Papa John’s and 3 independants about 5 minutes away. I am considering being open later on the weekends until maybe 2:30 am to get the bar crowds and late night college crammers

Take out only can work but you have to give someone a reason to come to you as opposed to staying at home and getting delivery from your competitor. Will your location be enough to do this? Will you need to pass the savings of no driver labor to your customers and sell pizza CHEAP like Little Caesars? Will your draw be your product that is so incredibly good the competition doesn’t compare? There has to be a reason. At least the breakeven point should be lower than a delco because you don’t need to staff drivers. Is there a reason for wanting to do takeout only as opposed to offering delivery as well?

there are plenty of take out only places doing well. you do have to give a reason for them to drive to you not delivery. I have 2 competitors only 1 does delivery we have been open for 5 years and do well. We have better toppings (amounts of ) and offer slightly better prices then either. I could do a whole lot better if i wanted to do delivery but then you have insurance issues and possible legal issues if you ever have an accident that just have kept me from it.

One of my favorite places from when i was a kid is carryout no dine in and they do very very well in the area of 30000-35000 a week in a 100sqft place(they have walkin freezer/fridge outsideits that small).
You really have to check the are out just cause the space is there doesnt mean it will work…why is it empty what is the word around the are do they want another pizza shop…what is wrong with the ones there? all of these and a whole other list would need answered before would jump into the setup of a shop there.
it is a rewarding adventure to open a shop but if its in the wrong place can be a nightmare just do the homework talk to the apartment managers the school students the college crowds.

Paul I have given doing a delco and am still considering it but as cmhall added the cost of delivery insurance and the possible event of accidents have made me iffy about doing that. I plan to do a better quality pizza as suggested and offer different bundles and specials to attract customers. And have also thought of doing a hot and ready type of thing on the weekends that I plan on being open late say after 11 or 12 to attract the students that are still up and cramming and partying. I have talked to several students on the campus and that is one of the things the said would get them into a place since the on;y thing open late to get food around here is IHOP or Wawa