Take Out - Thin Crust Pizza

Hello All,

We opened our doors at the end of April, this year. We’re still pretty new and still figuring things out. We’ve recently begun offering take out pizza, but find that they our thin crust pizza cools off pretty fast and doesn’t travel very well. It’s cold once the customer gets it home and doesn’t really reheat well.

Tips and tricks?

We’re in the NWT… northern Canada… east of Alaska, so winters can be chilly here.

So, please tell us what you are doing; type of oven, what you’re baking on, baking temperature, baking time, Are you providing your customers with any kind of insulated bag?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hey Tom,

We have a Wood Stone Fire Deck 8645, we cook right on the hearth. Pies are coming out in about 3.5 to 4mins at our 550 degree set point. We’re looking at sourcing insulated take out bags, but don’t have them currently.

Pizza waits for the customer in a warming oven, inside the pizza box.

Thanks for your help.

For DELCO pizzas I would try to bake the pizzas a little longer, possibly starting them out on a screen for 60 to 90-seconds and then finishing them up right on the deck. This should add another minute, or so, to the over bake time which will help your DELCO pizzas as lot as they will be drier and a bit crispier. You dine-in pizzas can continue to be baked as they are, this is for the DELCO pizzas only.
Suggestion, when you get your insulated bags (assuming not the commercial ones) get them printed with your logo and telephone number, sell them at cost to the customer and discount the pizza to the customer each time they bring their bag back in, or give them a free topping or something as an incentive to reuse the bag.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you! This is very helpful.

Same experience. Thin crust cools off pretty fast. And keeping it heated on the oven or in the closed box doesn’t make it better. It is almost better to let it cool off (than trying to keep it heated for longer time)