Taking a few days vacation

I’m leaving the computer at home and taking some vacation time. I’ll be back at ya after the Holiday.
Have a safe Holiday.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Is the deer hunting season still a few months away?

What the heck?! You just came back from a vacation! Nice gig you got going at AIB. :lol:

What is this ‘vacation’ you speak of ? 8)

It is an imaginary concept that was left out of the Pizza Owners Hand Book. It is in the same section as Day Off and Enough Money.

Hi Tom:

Have a great and safe vacation.

George Mills

So Tom will be back after the weekend?

Actually I found the missing page with it on. It quite simply said " sometimes you have to say I don’t give a sh1t and am going".

I’m doing this tomorrow and going to the other side of Australia for 5 days to meet up with fellow tour coach drivers (UK and European camping tours) from the '70’s I worked with. We meet every 5 years and this year my house mate in London (a New Zealand Maori guy) is coming. Haven’t seen him since Nov 1975.

For that experience the shop can wait a few days.

First holiday for 2 years and then that was 3 days at the national Food and Beverage show.


Hi Scott;
No, it opens on September 22 for the early muzzle loader hunt, then center fire opens on the last Wednesday of November. We were up at my son’s cabin on Boot Lake near Park Rapids, Minnesota for a week of fishing. We had a great time.
Tom Lehmann/TDD

Welcome back, Tom!

Thank you Charles; I could sure get used to a leisurly life of working around my son’s cabin and fishing, and sleeping in.
That will spoil you in a hurry!

Too bad you are not known as “The Cabin Doctor” or “The Fishing Doctor”. Life could have been so different.