Taking inventory

We take inventory every week so we can make the proper food order. One of my managers just asked me why i don’t take inventory every day. How often do you take inventory?

Depends on your school of thought really. I am from the camp of, Some items Daily, Some Items Monthly, and some we never count.

For a pizza place, if your not counting your cheese and dough daily. You are probably loosing out on over used items or free stuff walking out the door. But if you only count it once a week and your numbers are good. All the power to you.

Cheese = Daily
95% or so, of everything else = weekly
5% or so = not at all. Cost of misc supplies and little used items are built into our box cost. Currently that cost is .08 per box. Covers the cost of napkins, paper towels, dusting flour and such.

Most things weekly. Cheese daily when the usage starts to wander from goal. We do not count things like napkins, parm, red pepper, to-go boxes cleaning supplies… instead we just expense those in the period when they are delivered.

We DO count pizza boxes. It is just the salad boxes and app containers and souffle cups that do not count.

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