Talk to me about door hanging

We have been door hanging over the last 2 weeks about 300 houses a day in 2 hours with 2 peeople walking around

My manager who i stole from domions thinks its best to blanket the town once and then do it again. Our town is 25k people in the city limits, I think this is wrong.

I made Zones of about 500 houses that is about 16 square blocks and i think we should hit, 1 zone a day for 7 days and then repeate the same zones 7 days later so you end up getting each house 3 times in a 3 week period. All with in the same 7 zones

then move on to another 7 zones for 3 weeks and then move on to another 7 zones, doing 1 per day.

I read this somewhere or heard it at the pizza expo that door hangers are much more effective if you hit the same house 3 times in 3 weeks rather than the same house every 3 months, since your brand gets burned into thier brain and they see it so much in 3 weeks something clicks and they pick up the phone and order your food.

Please let me know what you think on my 3 week plan to blanket 7 zones of 16 blocks 3 times in 3 weeks, if that makes sense

I’ve heard about doorhanging (same units) 3 times in 10 days, and 3 weeks as well, but haven’t followed this. We’re in a Seattle suburb with about 60,000 units (180k population) within a 3 mile radius. It’s very densely populated so I’ve started with targeting the first mile radius once, which we will follow with the 2nd mile. This is the only marketing we’ve done so far and we’re a brand new company have been open since the beginning of the year. We’re still seeing new customers calling/coming in with the deals off the doorhangers who we targeted the first week. It’s been effective, but I think 3 times within 4-6 weeks might be better. I know I would get tired of seeing the same door hanger with the same deals 3 times in 10 days at my door, so I don’t know if that’s a good idea. We’re starting with sms marketing now, facebook (mainly to talk to the community, not much offer deals) by next week. Still deciding if we should do menu mailers through mailshark or mail postcards or menus on our own to ensure they hit on thursdays/fridays. But doorhanging has been pretty good for us, just hitting the housing units once.

Sorry, i think you misunderstood me. Each house would see the same Hanger 3 times in 21 days not 10

Thanks for your Input, We live in a smallish town out in the sticks!

My past experience with door hanging is that you need to hit each home every 4 to 6 weeks…And the frequency will depend on how much competition you have and how aggressive they are…So you might have to shorten cycle or may be able to lengthen it…

For example you could divide your market into 6 zones and do 1 zone each week and repeat the cycle over and over…You might also want to test different fliers in different zones…When I did this 1 had offers in 1/2 the zones and just a menu in the other zones…After doing this for a while I realized I was getting as good of response from the menu portion as I was from the offer portion…So I dropped the offers except for some Monday / Tuesday deals…

What subburb?

All marketing data shows that repetition sells. The idea of blanketing an entire delivery area sounds reasonable, and sure, you want everyone to have your menu, but repetition gets sales. 3 Hits in 10 days is more effective than 3 in 21 days. That can be 3 door hangers, or the customer can see your sign, see a car topper, and get a flier, or get a post card, door hanger, and drive by your shop…

The best thing about marketing is that it is easy to track. Do a sector analysis, and analyze how many orders came from the area you marketed to.

Do a test. Divide up your delivery area into quarters and target as many houses in one area in 10 days as you can, then target an area in a different quad, and hit as many houses as you can 3 times in 10 days.