Tapatalk support for the Think Tank now available!

If you’ve viewed the Think Tank on your phone recently, you’ve probably seen a banner inviting you to view the Think Tank on Tapatalk. Tapatalk is a free app which allows you to easily view and participate in various forums mobily. All you need to do once its downloaded is click sign in and login with your Think Tank credentials.

If you have trouble recovering your username and password please send me a message. We have had a few instances where people had trouble resetting their password. You can reach me at (at) <3-letter name of the company I work for> (dot) com.

A huge thank you to @noreason for suggesting Tapatalk. If there’s any other comments, recommendations, requests for the Think Tank, please post them at the thread below.


^^^Should I be concerned that an admin of this site is clearly concerned about bots picking up the email address?^^^

No, but you shouldn’t really post your email address in a public forum that is indexed by Google or any other search engine. That is how some bots harvest for email addresses.

Also thanks for the tapatalk support!

@paul7979[/USER] I changed it to be a little more subtle. Is that better? I admit I am not an expert in IT I am really more of the Think Tank community manager. [USER=1]@Claudio is our security/IT administrator who specializes in Xenforo platform software. He is also the one who installed Tapatalk. Glad you’re enjoying it, noreason!