Taradel - New Website Launched!

Good evening ThinkTank - just a quick note to let everyone know that the new and improved Taradel website has launched. Now it’s easier than ever to place menu orders and manage your account. You can also easily add “design service” to any product - all online! I’m very excited about this and hope you all like it. If there is anything we can do to improve things please let me know - I sincerely value your opinions

Visit the new Taradel website

All the best! Thanks TT

Web site looks great. Going to give you a call Wednesday to order 50000 flyers. I was looking for postcards
on the website for my November mailing, the only spot postcards are listed is on the home page.They aren’t in any drop down menues or in the tool bar on the left. Just something I saw when I was looking around.What

As everyone here knows I am a big fan of Taradel, loved the menus and the postcards I ordered. I think the website looks great. The templates will be a great idea.


Thanks for the positive feedback - I will definitely update the postcards to appear on all site navigation menus. Hope you guys have an excellent week!

I agree with the templates idea… and yes the site looks excellent. Seems much easier to find and navigate through now.

Chris, I am also having a slight problem… I just shot you an e-mail explaining everything.


looks better than the old

Thanks again for the positive new site feedback.

Integraoligist - I’ll check my email to catch up with you, thanks for the heads up.

Rockstar - I think I still have one of your old menus, you guys have the purple menu, right? Very unique look!

So when you say you guys want templates - do you want pre-made menus so that you can simply just “fill in the blanks” with your menu items and pricing? I guess what I’m asking is do you want to be able to look through menu designs, pick the one you like, and simply add your menu items/pricing to it? Or do you guys prefer to work with custom menus one-on-one with a designer?

Thanks for taking the time!

The website looks beautiful. Almost as beautiful as my last menu design (lol).
Best wishes to you guys.

I think it would be nice to be able to do our own.

Especially on something like a post card.

When I order magnets from Pioneer magnets you pick the design and fill your stuff in. I think that would be great for the post cards and probably even the menus.

One of the concerns I have had with you all doing the design is when I want to add or change something small I don’t have the ability to do so for my next batch of menus or postcards.

For example on our post cards I forgot to put WE DELIVER, I think it would also be nice to be able to change the coupons so I could run postcards more often, alternating the post cards but I assume each change is another 100 bucks?


No worries Kris - Once we design your menu or postcard we offer free menu item and price changes for life! You will never have to pay the design fee twice if you are simply adding or removing text.

Thanks again =)


I once again am completely satisfied with Taradel. You have exceeded my expectations on product and now again on service. I will be ordering more postcards soon that way I can rotate the specials when mailing.

The good thing about companies who take care of their clients is the clients will literally pass the word along to at least 10 people. Gives me a light bulb moment on my own business.

Truly a pleasure doing business with you guys!


Chris, havent heard from ya, you still out there?

Good morning Integraoligist -

Have you sent me an email yet? Not sure if I've received anything. If it's not too much trouble please send me another email or a PM and I'll be happy to see what I can do for you. Thanks again


I sent you a PM to get a quote on full color door hangers 30k. You must be busy bud :slight_smile:

Just forwarded you the original e-mail, and sent you a second for confirmation.