Taradel Postcards are here!!!!!

Well I just got my postcards from Taradel. They are awesome! Thick cardstock thickness, Real shiny coat. I absolutely love them. I am off to label a few thousand!

Kris :smiley:

kris what was your cost…i found a guy that can do a remarkable job front and back full color uv coated
5000 for 120.00 (includes shipping)

Hi Kris - thanks for the nice feedback. I actually just saw a sample of your postcards here at the office…they look excellent! Let us know how they work out, thanks again

:smiley: :o

hey havent forgot about you chris, I wanted to get something designed close to what I want and let you guys take over from there.

kris if I send you a self addressed envelope can you send me one of the menus? like to see the final design.
I am struggling a little on my set up

PM me your email and I will try and send you a scanned copy, but you will also want to see the actual menu because I don’t think the scan does it justice. If you pm me your address I will send you a copy.

We paid for them to design it, What I think really impressed me was they asked me some questions, sent the first proof, it was good but I was able to keep changing and changing until it was the perfect fit. Worth every penny. I am not sure how I would have been able to do the background and “special effects” had I done it and I am pretty good with designing our stuff…so keep that in mind.


We paid 394.66 total. That includes shipping and a hundred bucks for them to design it.


Oops that was for 5,000.

What are taradel postcards? are they just regular 4x6 postcards?