taradel printing?

has anyone used taradel dot com to send out menus. It says its $1125 for 10,000 glossy full color 2 sided menus delivered to homes. Seems like a good deal. Its only .12 each
thanks a lot!

If they can meet that price and deliver the menus, then schedule a contract to do it at least twice before end of year!! I cannot DELIVER the menus myself at the post office for that little. Postage rate at its lowest for bulk is about 12.4 cents. I must say that I cold not get their estimators to give me close to tht price, though . . .what settings are you using? We are looking to do a direct mail piece again this year, and could use that 12-cent price!

My menus from GotPrint would cost $599/10,000 pcs for 8.5x11, full-color, glossy, 100lb, trifold, which is 6 cents each . . . plus $210 shipping . . . postage to distribute would have to be 4 cents apiece to meet the price you quoted. You mau have found the mother lode . . . or an error.

I looked at that site and it looked to me that 10,000 inserts by themself were 30 cents each…If you share a mailing it is about 11 cents each if you mail enough…Sharing a mailing may be cheaper but it may not give you the best return on your investment…You would have to test to see what works best…

I use them for both menus and inserts and absolutely LOVE them!

The price is what they say, no suprise add-ons, the quality is very nice colors are sharp. No hassles with the design and delivery is quick. Would recommend them to anyone.