Taradel Printing

Just got my first order from taradel, they did a great job. Placed order on tuesday last week & fedx dropped them off today. Great price & great service, I will use them again soon. Just wanted everybody to know.What

We actually just got ours too, they were awesome. The email proof didn’t do the final result justice.

I would hightly recommend them too. Chris was great and our designers Kenny and Brenda were both great and very helpful.

They took our menu from scratch and came up with a four color menu that fit our place completely.


Please post the results so others can get some ideas…

whats the total to your door price?
I see its 395.00 for 10000
what about set up and design?

There is a freight calculator on their website…In another thread, someone mentioned they paid $150.00 for a design from scratch…If you use a template I am sure it would be much less…

Ours came to 662. This included design from scratch, shipping etc. It was well worth the extra to get them to design them. If I get time to figure out how to post the menu I will. If you call they will send you a bunch of samples.

I will be curious to see how much it will be to change the prices down the road.

Regardless, they were fantastic. The menus are totally what I wanted and more.


My price was $937.00 delivered, but i print a 11 x 17 menu & tri folded. Shipping was $127.00. I was really happy with the whole deal. What

got a quote of 750.00
to my door 118 in shipping

Thanks for the kind words fellas, I’m thrilled that you love your menus! As a special offer to ThinkTank members I’ll do the following:

Buy 10,000 get 2,000 free
Buy 25,000 get 3,000 free
Buy 50,000 get 4,000 free
Buy 100,000 get 5,000 free

*This offer is good for both 8.5x11 and 11x17 sizes.
*Valid through July 9th - August 1st 2008

All the best!

chris if you can throw in free folding I will buy this week, I will be purchasing a design as well…


Please check your PMs, thanks

I have now used Taradel for over one year. If what you’re changing are just the menu prices they won’t charge you anything for that, but if your changes are more comprehensive, then there’s some kind of charge, nothing unreasonable though.
I see you listed your store for sale. I wish you the best of luck in selling it.

Well that is good news. I feel they are a pretty honest, reasonable company so for now they are on my recommend/use list.

Yes, we are selling one of the locations, no real bites yet, but we shall see. Until then business/marketing as usual.


BTW other TT we got 10,000 menus they go pretty fast so if you are debating between 10,000 or more go with more.

Chris, sent you a messege last week and havent heard from you…

Hey there - sent you back a PM on the 11th - please shoot me an email or call me and I’ll be more than happy to chat. Have an excellent weekend =)