taradel vs mail shark vs doorhanging

Need everyones help here for all the tt that need clearification.

Is it better to have mailshark plus get shop extras at 14 cents each

taradel and mail sshark are similar in the mailing price however mail sharks breaks the payment down weekly

taradel with shipping 10000 to your business is 9.6 each 100,000 4.2 each dont know about the up front thesed prices include shippin . around .39 for in house mailing

4.2 cents for a 11x17 is great how puitting together a team 1 mile aroun your restaurant and best them out. Then add 2 miles

It looks like you can save a ton by having them design and sell you yhr prints and you market them

What say you?

How long would it take you to use 100,000 fliers?..How many houses in your market area?..If your offers are not pulling the way you expect or you have to raise your prices any savings on the large quantity will be lost…Best for most folks not to do more than 3 months at a time…

You ask about direct mail versus door hanging…It will really depend on your market and how aggressive other stores are…In some markets door hanging works and in other markets it does not…You could spend more per piece for direct mail but if they pull better they would actually cost you less as a % of sales…

Basically all you can do is make your best guess and track the results…If the results are not what you expect you have to make adjustments…You only get to figure this out by testing…And sometimes it takes lots of testing…

As far as spreading out payments…If your supplier is doing this, they are for certain building carrying costs into your costs…You have to decide what your budget allows you to do…

I’ve used half-fold menus from Teradel in the past and I’m using Mail Shark right now. I really like Mail Shark and highly recommend them. They work very hard to make you happy with the final product and will customize anything possible about the program (even the day they get mailed out) without acting like it’s a problem and Josh will even talk to you after hours and on weekends to get the job done. I won’t go into specifics about Taradel, but I wasn’t happy with my experience with them.

I recommend doing both Mail Shark and doorhanging if you can. Direct mail gives you a consistent plan while you can use door hanging to target specific neighborhoods that may be under-performing or that have a demographic you want a stronger presence with.

For door hanging, I’ve tried a few things (special offers, VERY special offers, the MDL, etc.), but the thing I was happiest with was putting a menu in a door hanging bag and adding a magnet from Royster’s business. I didn’t get as many orders from this as other programs, but I got better orders from people who weren’t just looking for the cheapest deal that week. They’re often calling and planning to buy at menu price because you’re not immediately offering discounts. My guess is that most people at least put the magnet up on the fridge, and others put the menu on the fridge with the magnet.

Finally, I have a trick I learned to significantly decrease the cost of door hanging. If you’re an independent or small chain, I’d be glad to share with you. Just send me a PM with your website on it so I know I’m not helping out another large chain.

wow you guys are paying alot for menus/fliers!!!

We are paying around .03 if we order 25000 and about .012 if we order 100000+

i would shop around for sure, ours are color both sides and 8.5X11

Please post your source…I have never seen a price anywhere close to that…By they way, I think the recent posts were talking about 11 x 17 tri-folded…

Give us a heads up on the company you are using.