when you pay for the design work. do you get an editable copy and what format is it in if you do?

Part of the answer will depend on the licence for the elements that make up the design…Quite often I use stock photos and clip art…Usually these can be used to produce goods, however, I can not distribute the files…

If you are willing to purchase your own stock photos and/or clip art, I am usually quite willing to send a file with missing elements and then you can add them back in on your end…

As far as programs, I use Adobe illustrator CS3 or Adobe InDesign CS3…Even if I send out a file, most clients do not have a program that will work…For example, MS Publisher will not open files from any of the commercial files…

On another note, if I buy a pizza from you, will you send me the recipe?.. This anology is pretty similar…And I bet your answer would be “no”…

When they did ours there was not an editable copy. It was sent in adobe. Sure would be neat if you could cuz there was a few times the control freak in me just wanted to move this or that a tad…but after an email they did it for me.


As for the rights to the menu design files, you can purchase those for an additional fee once the menu is designed. For example we charge a one-time setup/design fee of $150 for an 8.5x11 menu (includes free menu item and price updates for life!) or you can purchase the menu setup/design and the rights to the design files for a one-time $300 fee.

If you purchase the rights to the menu (intellectual property) you will receive the Adobe design files which you can edit or have your designer edit.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you need any further clarificaiton.

Thanks :smiley: :slight_smile:

NO but I would allow you to add your own parm cheese(make changes), eat it when you want(print of singles), give it to a friend, share it with your family( since I have 2 resturants I just need to make a few changes to have 2 menus). recook it in your oven…(reprint in my oven)

The reason I asked the question is because ther are plenty of designers that will give you a working copy and I just wanted to make the best decision

The important point of this discussion is that you know what rights you are aquiring when you pay the designer…And you need to make sure that all the elements in the files can legally be transferred…Many designers will use stock art and/or clip art they have no right to distribute…As far as I know, Taradel owns their images, therefore, they can sell you the files…I use stock images under a licence that does not allow them to be distributed so I can not…And then push comes to shove and you get in a “copyright” dispute it is you that is on the line…Not the designer that illegally sent you someone else property…

Artists need to be paid for their creativity. Often this means they charge one fee (discounted) if you use them for printing and another (full price) if you do not. This is not to hold you hostage. It is just to assure that they are fairly paid for their knowledge.

So when you contract design work, you need to discuss all fees and copyright issues before agreeing to anything.

BTW, recipes cannot be copyrighted. :smiley:

We pay a hefty sum to own the rights to all images and intellectual property that we create. It is important for you as a pizza shop owner to decide ahead of time if you would like to have your menu designed, or if you need to own all of the design files as well. To make it easier on you, we offer free menu item and pricing updates for life once we design your menu initially - this solves 90% of the issues for most people.

However, if you are going to need to use the graphics or menu for some other advertisement/application down the road (not placed through Taradel) you may need the actual design files. We have thousands of customers and I’d say that less than 5-10% actually need to own the design files.

Hope this helps! Thanks all