SO I got my PMQ and started reading, they did a taste of Indiana, hmmmm wonder why I wasn’t contacted? we have won 2 years in a row best pizza in the county and a placed in a regional event with our Caribbean twist pizza. but instead they went with 3 others…to add more insult they had an article about Bloomington In and mentioned Pizza X which SUCKS and left out Avers (brad Randall’s) which has some great gourmet pizza’s…WHATS UP WITH THAT LIZ.

I read that today too, and wondered the same thing. I was expecting to read about you and maybe some others I might have recognized.

must be looking for just pizza today guys like the owner of one of the pizzerias the targeted

Do the featured shops advertise with PMQ?

Speaking of Advertising did anyone notice the classic 2 page ad for Stanislaus is missing? Must be trouble in paradise. :shock:

They mentioned all the places that attended the Taste of Bloomington this summer. We skipped the event this year - I’m sure that’s why we were overlooked. I was just totally apathetic about going through the effort it takes to execute that festival and punted, so it was totally my fault that Liz missed us.

As the article says, looks like they used Yelp to decide where to go.

http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=pi … desc=pizza

I can’t even find Rockstar Pizza in Yelp, even when searching specifically by that name.

Even searching via google gives “Pizza Barn” page title at rockstarpizza.net address.

Citysearch looks similar to Yelp, which they also mentioned in their article. No Rockstar Pizza there either. A citysearch search specifically for rockstar gives me 2 locations - one in Brownsburg, one in Plainfield.

You are hard to find, my friend - even if someone is searching for you specifically. The website link doesn’t even have a physical address.

Hey at least you have a magazine to read. Surprised to hear about Stansilus. Hmmmm…They seem to have the front 2 pages in most mags.

Rockstar, I’m sorry we missed a visit to you while in town, but we normally visit the top consumer picks according to Citysearch, Yelp, etc. when we go into a new town. If we know of another pizzeria nearby that we have time for, we try to get to them too (that’s where the side trips come in). You’re definitely on our list now for the next time we’re in the area.