Tasty Gluten-Free Take-and-Bake Dough ... Mission Possible?

Hi, All,

My customers’ quest for a gluten-free take-and-bake pizza dough deserves a quick posting here. While I’ve never made up a batch myself, I’ve only heard one thing about gluten free take-and-bake dough … it’s awful.

Would be grateful if anyone can forward me any relevant links or resources (very poss here at PMQ) that may be of use in the development of a gluten free take-and-bake pizza dough. Thanks a lot!


Re: Tasty Gluten-Free Take-and-Bake Dough … Mission Possib

If you find it PLEASE let me know. I have tried, and UGH, is all i can say…
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to provide this for my customers as well.

Re: Tasty Gluten-Free Take-and-Bake Dough … Mission Possib

Gluten-free is one thing, a take and bake gluten free is yet another. We have, what we think is a very good gluten free dough formula, but the “dough” is actually a batter, so you’ve got to par-bake it, then add the toppings and finish baking it as a pizza. About the best you might hope for would be to prepare the par-baked crust, dress it, and send it home with the customer where they will finish baking it in their home oven. There are a number of companies offering gluten free crusts as well as mixes for making gluten free crusts so you will need to make it a project to get samples of each and decide for yourself what you want to offer. Keep in mind that the flavor and texture won’t be the same as you are used to with a regular, flour crust, if you find one with a decent mouthfeel, don’t worry too much about the flavor as the toppings will mask that pretty well, and those people seeking a gluten free product are pretty tolerant to not having the product exactly the same as a flour made counterpart, so don’t be too harsh when making your evaluations. We’ve got a gluten free dough formula that we can share with you, just send me an e-mail at tlehmann@aibonline.org requesting the gluten free pizza dough formula and I’ll be glad to send you a copy.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor