td,paul7979,xpk??cheese prices

was on chat last night…I told you guys I was getting cheese for $56.50 case found out the previous week it was $58.00 but that
was an error as the distributor has an old school system …no computers…so when he told me it went down…to $66.50
knowing it was $58 I mis understood him to say $56.50 but in reality it is $66.50\

so you guys were right…something was amiss…



Hope I’m not stuck taking delivery of those two truckloads! :slight_smile:

Why in the world would you think I care ?

jk :shock:

Because we all know you secretly have a crush :). And more obviously, why he would get a drop in price when y’all got it raised. The clarification that his cost rose should allow you to sleep better. So, go get some sleep :).

What is this ‘sleep’ you speak of ? What does it do and how much does it cost ?