Where in PA are you located. Just read about the VP in Pittsburgh with the two shootings. What a shame. How will this effect other stores in your company? Do you think if the phones were answered instore as opposed to at a call center driver safety could be improved.

My store is in central PA. When I worked for the corporate side I was GM of the Plum, PA store. It’s about 30 minutes east of Pittsburgh, nice area with mid to high income households. The Swissvale store is about 20 minutes closer to Pittsburgh and is obviously in a really bad area. The store averages 14-16K a week. But when drivers are getting killed, it’s just not worth it.
The Swissvale store was in the same district as my old store. I know the GM and DM really well and they, like all of us are just sick over yet another senseless murder.
The call center is not going to go away so thinking about how things would be different without it isn’t worth the time. Drivers no matter where they are should always approach a delivery with caution. Especially when the order is for a new customer. In fact, anytime we get a new customer order my drivers know that they MUST: 1)Call and confirm the address and order 2)Not get out of there car if there aren’t any lights on at the address(they need to call and have customer turn porch light on 3) If something doesn’t feel right… you’re probably right. They MUST be aware of their surroundings.