Tech question

Hey guys, I am in the final phase of setting my Point of Success POS up and have run into a huge problem. None of the cash draw open control codes are working for my printer(bixolon srp-350). Does anyone have the code for this model printer. Can’t find em anywhere on the net. I know its a longshot but any help would be appreciated.

Try 27,112,0,50,250
Here is my source.

Thanks Daddio, I had stumbled upon that page this morning, but the code didnt work. I think I either have a bad cable going from the printer to the drawer, or a bad solanoid on the drawer. I finally got my entire menu programmed into point of success and am itching to “go live” with it.

You might try posting your problem on the POS forum at They gots lots of folks who could be of help if they are reading it the next couple of days.

In my experience you have a 99% chance the cable is the problem, 1% solenoid. I’m being generous on the solenoid because I have never seen one fail. The connector on the printer looks like a phone jack but a phone cable will not work!

I talked to POS support(who are very helpful BTW), and they said the same thing. I ordered a new cable from my drawer manufacturer, and I have a feeling that will do the trick. Thanks again for the help guys.