Telephone System

Any suggestions on a telephone system or carrier. This will be for a take out and delivery restaurant. I rather save the money now on a cost effective system and upgrade later when needed.
Comcast offers me 3 lines but that are VOIP. (I supply my own hardware)
At&t is offering 3 analog lines but for twice the price. (I supply my own hardware)
Does any one use business carriers such as xo or century link?
Also does anyone currently use both analog and VOIP, if so did you set up your own hardware.
Lastly is there one that can tie in with my pos, let’s say success pos?


We use a basic AT&T phone system that you can buy off Amazon or wherever. Its a 4 line unit and has 1 base unit and you can add cordless handsets to it. We also purchased a whooz calling box from and that interfaces with most POS systems.
This is similar to what we have. Easy to buy new cordless units if you drop them too many times and the screen breaks :oops::oops::oops:

Thanks durbancic,
How many lines did you get and are they all analog?

we have a 4 line analog system through AT&T. Not interested in VOIP, I trust phone lines more than running my phones through the internet. I would not want my phones to go down during a busy time!

Thanks Again