Telephone system.

Hello all, So my kitchen is rather loud and we have troubles hearing customers over the phone, when taking orders. We have tried headset/headphone, but they end up being cumbersome in a multi-tasking kitchen. I have been considering purchasing an amplified phone system that is usually used by hearing impaired people. I need it to be a 2 line system, with answering machine, caller ID and expandable cordless handsets. I have found systems by companies like Clarity and Fanstel and a couple of others. Has anyone used a system like this and if so, did it help you to hear the customer on the other end? Does anyone have other suggestions?

Kevin, same here. I’ve been researching and alit of options… Just don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Have you landed on new system?

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Have you tried different phones. Pick some up at WalMart and see if they work any better if not just return them.

Oh my gosh, been looking for a new system for years, it’s so frustrating! We have issues with noise as well. We have tried all types of 2 line phones and they all stink. Once in a while we get flyers in the mail for “phone companies” that target pizzerias but i haven’t come across anyone that has tried them…one was Ooma Office, another PizzaCloud or something like that. Have you found anything recently? I know you posted this quite a few months ago…