telephone system

do all of you have 2-5 lines coming into your store or can you buy a phone system that will roll over calls?

you buy the “roll-over” service from your tele co…'bout 12-20 per line…you also need to have the proper system/wiring in place…

IF…you have a good cable service in your area, you might consider VOIP/cable telephone…

I use Vonage and can’t complain…they have a similar roll-over service anf if their system goes down, all calls are forwarded to my cell #

I save a bunch 'o $$$…but it is a bit risky, but I’ve had zero problems…

I wish it was that cheap for me. We’ve got 5 lines coming into the store. I pay approx. $50 per line plus taxes, franchise fees, etc. My total phone bill comes to almost $400/month.

Now, when they come into the store they are connected to a phone “hub” (sorry, don’t know the correct name for it). This device receives incoming calls from your main telephone number and uses the 5 lines to roll these calls over to lines 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
I use a company called BollCom, owned by Tim Boller. From what I understand he’s all over the states working on big accounts (50-1000 line office buildings and such). He does my stores between the big jobs since he lives here. He uses Iwatsu equipment, which isn’t the best in the world, but I only pay $850 for the system, including installation. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

Actually, it is 5 separate lines coming into your phone system. The rollover is handled at the phone company, not at your store’s system.

The phone companies switch is configured to roll your main line over into the next line, and that line into the next, etc., etc. This is why your other lines will ring even though no one actually dialed that number.

All you need is a multiline phone system at the store - though it has nothing to do with the actual rollover process itself.

OK now you are asking my kind of question. Let me put on my journeyman telecomunications electrician’s hat.

There are a number of ways you can go with your phones.
First thing to remember is the number of telephones you have in your store will be a good determining factor for the number of lines you have. You should never have more lines than telephones sets. The reason for this is, if all sets are in use you will need to put a call on hold to put the next call on hold. Some will argue that you could have a machine putting the calls on hold and have the customers listen to your adverts but as a customer I would rather have a live body answer my call. It gives the personal touch.

Once you have determined what you want for lines ( I have 3 lines and 4 sets each beside a POS terminal). you need to determine what type of system you want to use. You can chose from multiline phones (where every line physically goes to every set) key system where every line apears as a button on each set but is controlled by a KSU (computer) or PBX (private branch exchange) where each set has its own local number and calls can either ring to all free sets or group of sets) There are also hybrid systems that combine the Key and PBX.

The above deals with what you do once the lines are already to your store. Most phone serviced providers will run the lines to a network interface device or protector where each physical line will be interconnected to you system. You are limited to the number of lines available at this point. If there are 5 lines to the protector that is all she wrote without adding equipment from the telco.

What happens with a rollover system is controlled in the telco’s equipment. there are many ways that can happen as well. You can have it set up so you have one advertised number that when busy “hunts” for the next number in the list that is not busy. You can have Multiple numbers advertised and each one will look to the other if it is busy. For example lets say you have one number listed for reservations for dine in and another number for delivery you can have it so if either of the numbers are busy the next call can be routed to the free number ( I am not sure why you would want to do this but it is possible.)

I hope i have not bored you with this. I am more than willing to answer any questions that anyone has cause this is what i did for 20 years before I found that pizza making is less stressful.

I have 4 lines, one in office and 3 at counter. We have 1 main number and calls jump to other 2 lines when 1st line is busy. Last(3rd) phone has call waiting so we can have 4 customers calling at once. I pay about $185 per month with XO Communications, can’t remember phone# but they lease lines from Verizon. I’ve used for about 6 or 7 years and have had one problem about a year ago when service was down for a few hours system wide. Was a Monday thankfully during lunch.

LOL, okay… telephone guy I am not. Thanks for educating me guys (Daddio). -J_r0kk

I’m setup about the same. 4 lines, only one number advertised, and calls “roll over” to the other lines.
What’s nice is that I have a caller ID box connected to the POS. So in theory, we can answer the phone “Hi Mrs. Smith…do you want the same special you ordered last Tuesday?” - even if the phone person knows nothing but how to operate the POS…

I’d check around for a better price. Yikes. We have 5 rollover lines, plus one secure line for our credit card machine (total of 6) and only pay $210 with taxes.